How to Clean and Maintain Office Carpets

How to Clean and Maintain Office Carpets

Have you ever entered your office and sensed an unpleasant smell? Would you feel it's the office carpet at first? On the contrary, it's often one of the last things you notice. Yet there are a variety of different bacteria that might be living within it, producing that odour despite regular sweeping and cleaning. A clean office carpet can make a big difference in the atmosphere.

This is why dust on office carpets is a major concern, and getting professional office carpet cleaning service is a must. Cleaned carpets entails more than simply providing a sanitary environment. While daily sweeping and vacuuming might be helpful, local carpet cleaning services should be done on a regular basis. According to studies, an office atmosphere has a major influence on employees' general health as well as their critical thinking and productivity.

A professional office carpet cleaning service for your organization is an excellent first step in creating a safer working environment. In this blog, we will look at some of the tips you can follow to clean and maintain your office carpets.

Tips for Cleaning Office Carpets to Make Them Last Longer

Apart from getting a carpet cleaning service in Perth, there are things you can do to help preserve your carpet. They're also simple to follow!

  •  Formalize A Maintenance Plan

Carpet cleaning requirements will be specific to your office. It will be determined by factors such as foot traffic, weather, and business location. The first step in planning your maintenance schedule is to sketch out your office space. And note down the varying amounts of foot activity in different areas of the space. This way you can determine how frequently each area needs to be cleaned. Employing this tip can help you develop a maintenance program for your workplace.

  • Vacuuming On a Regular Basis

Although your office carpet may look clean but hidden dust, dirt, and bacteria are present all the time. Vacuuming on a regular basis maintains the appearance of your carpet. Each night after the office workers leave, ask your cleaner to vacuum thoroughly to remove any soils or dirt that may have accumulated. This makes it easy to do regular deep cleanings and will help to maintain your carpets in the long term.

  •   Address the Spills and Stains Immediately

Spills can ruin even the best stain-resistant business carpets. If you get any stain on your carpet, try to clean it as early as possible. The longer those stains remain, the more they will sink into the carpet fibres and cause damage. Although, it is not possible for your cleaning crew to deal with every spill as it occurs. It is important to ensure that staff are aware that they must react to them immediately.

  • Lay Rugs and Walk off Mats

Rugs and mats are an excellent measure you may take to avoid spoiling your office carpeting. With regular vacuuming, laying walk-off mats and rugs at all access points would be a proactive strategy to clean carpets. This should reduce the quantity of filth, dust, and moisture that may enter your office. Invest in coarse-textured mats to remove soil and other particulates. You can also get water-absorbent rugs to keep wet shoes off the carpets.

  •   Conduct Regular Deep Cleaning 

 This can be done twice or thrice a year, depending on how unclean your carpets become over time. Regular cleaning may remove up to 80% of dust and dirt from your carpet. But even with the finest vacuum cleaner around, you won't be able to remove 100%. 

The trouble with the remaining 20% is that it gets crushed into your carpet. And it begins to wear away at the carpet strands like sandpaper affecting the appearance of your carpet. Therefore, this will need hiring of a professional office carpet cleaning service with the necessary equipment.

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