Why Should You Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home?

Why you should install plantation shutters? Let’s look at some of the vital benefits.

Why Should You Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home?

Plantation shutters are excellent for window treatments, and they can beautify your outdoor patios, balconies, verandahs and porches in style. Apart from giving your indoor and outdoor spaces appealing visual looks, plantation shutters also offer valuable advantages; let’s look at some of the vital benefits.

1. Substantial Energy Savings

Installing plantation shutters will save on your energy bills (i.e. heating and cooling costs) year-round. In the summer months, plantation shutters will not allow the harsh sunlight to enter, thereby keeping your rooms cool and comfortable. During the winter months, plantation shutters will help maintain a warm atmosphere inside your rooms by keeping the cold weather out; thus, you will get cosy and warm rooms.

2. Comfort

Bespoke or custom shutters measured and built to fit into any window frame securely or between outdoor support beams. No need to have extra supporting hardware like drawstrings, valances or curtain rods that take up valuable wall space. Tight-fitted window shutters facilitate you control the amount of sunlight you want to allow into your rooms. Besides, you can open the blades fully or a little bit in upwards or downward positions. Moreover, the thickness of your shutter blades provides you with total privacy when closed; and they also curtail the sound of most outdoor noises. Plantation shutters give you the ability to protect your furniture, flooring and carpets from sunlight and prolong the natural beauty and the life of your interior belongings.

3. Extra Layer of Security

Window shutters provide an extra layer of security for your home. It allows you to add a locking option to the shutters, which will block entry attempts by trespassers or home invaders. This locking system may also fetch you a discount on your home insurance.

4. Long Lasting

Plantation shutters won’t fade due to the sun’s harmful UV rays or ageing. Nowadays, the materials used to manufacture shutters are robust and durable, so they won’t lose their colour and won’t peel or warp. As shutters are always in the trend, you will have to install window shutters only once. It will save you money as you won’t have to purchase new drapes or curtains every few years. In the rare occurrence where your shutters get damaged because of human fault, or you decide to buy brand new shutters, you won’t have to change the mountings as the blades are replaceable. That means you have to purchase new blades, which you will get swiftly and effortlessly.

5. Easy to Clean & Maintain

It is easy to clean and maintain your plantation shutters. Take a moist cloth and wipe over the blades. Use dust trapping hand wipers like Enjo Dust Glove for carrying out your routine light dusting chores. It will save you on the washing or cleaning costs for your curtains or drapes.

Moreover, you don’t have to get up on a stool or ladder to take down and then rehang curtains or drapes.

6. Styles

Plantation Shutters are available in diverse styles including half window coverings, full window coverings, bi-fold panels that allow you to decide how wide you want them to open up and firm panels that open like a closet. Besides, you can custom make shutters to lift them when you need to wash the windows or allow some fresh air inside.

7. Choice of Materials

PVC, aluminium and wood are some of the popular material choices you get for customising your plantation shutters.

  • PVC plantation shutters are cost-effective.
  • Wood shutters can be stained, or hand-painted to get a shiny finish.
  • Aluminium shutters in Sydney are water-resistant.

However, all of these materials are durable and lasting. Per your personal preferences, you can opt for plantation shutters material. You can apply special coatings to the finished dressings, which will keep peeling, warping or flaking away, especially for homes in humid areas.

Final Words

Plantation shutters are excellent window treatment accessories for homes. It can enhance the overall ambience of your home interiors and give a stylish look to your home. Besides, plantation shutters are considered permanent fixtures once installed; thus, they add value to your property.

Always choose a company that sell locally made quality plantation shutters Sydney. If you want to question, why? Well, the straight answer would be such a company can provide a better service to you, which include:

  • Arriving at your place to provide free measure and quote.
  • Having access to all parts; they can conveniently and quickly repair any errors or issues identified at a later stage.
  • They will stand behind their work, offering appropriate product warranties.

They depend on your satisfaction to get future referrals.

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