5 Hot Nail Polish Hits This Summer and Tips

Read everything you need to know about the hot nail polish hits this summer and find out other tricks for polishing.

5 Hot Nail Polish Hits This Summer and Tips
5 Hot Nail Polish Hits This Summer and Tips

The summer is in full force and the sun puts a smile on everyone’s face. Light clothes, light makeup and, of course, polished nails are a must for every lady out there to glow radiantly and be full of confidence. In fact, it is proven that the nail polish boosts the mood of women and after a manicure, they feel refreshed, happy and eager to tackle the challenges of the rest of the day. There is also a saying that goes “Life is too short to have naked nails”. And that perfectly depicts the importance of nail polish for women. If you already knew that, let’s move on to what’s fresh and exciting this season regarding colours of nail polish. But first, a few tips of taking care of the nails. 

  • Always remove the old nail polish with a quality nail polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone and is based on natural ingredients and oils. You can buy nail polish remover in any drugstore near you or order it online. It is a better and healthier solution than the acetone-based nail polish remover in that it doesn’t harm and damage the nails and the skin area around them. 

  • Soak the hands into warm or lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes to soften the cuticles. Then dry them nicely with a towel. 

  • Use your nail kit to push back cuticles, but be careful not to push too much and hurt yourself. Then clip the nails and bring them in shape with a file and a buffer.

  • Once you have done these steps, apply some cream for hands and nails /or cuticle moisturiser and wait about 10 minutes so that it is fully absorbed. If you start polishing your nails before your cream absorbs, the finished result won’t be smooth and flawless. 

  • Pick your favourite nail polish and start polishing. 

  • A side note: you can apply a base coat if you have fragile nails because it will protect them, nourish them and support their healthy growth and finish the polishing with a finish coat for a shiny, smooth and glossy finish.

And when it comes to the hottest shades this summer, here are they. 


All shades of pink are IN this summer. From vague, baby pink shades to strong magenta and fuchsia shades. Even the neon pink is very popular with girls especially for a night out in the bar. 


Red is always a classic choice, but this season the deep red tints are very trendy. Dark red nails and a glass of red wine is a perfect combo for some flirting this weekend. 


Interestingly, orange is really hot right now. Be bold and experiment with this look and if you end up not liking it you can always buy nail polish remover and remove it. But, I am pretty sure you will love it. Try combining it with your choice of clothes for the day and you will see how blended the overall look will be.


Finally, metallic shades are very popular. But to rock this look your nails must be long and shaped to perfection. Otherwise, they might look sloppy. 


If you want to keep it low and casual, beige shades are your best solution. They are always IN, just like the red classic. 


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