Top Ways To Fix A Slow Draining Toilet

A slow draining toilet is a significant plumbing inconvenience. It not only wastes water but can also increase the water bill. There are various causes that can lead to a slow flushing toilet. For instance, it can be due to reduced water levels within the tank. It can also be due to the accumulation of sediment in the rim of the toilet. Irrespective of the reason, there is a need to resolve the issue with urgency. If delayed, the problem can escalate in no time.

Top Ways To Fix A Slow Draining Toilet

How to fix a slow-draining toilet?

There are multiple ways you can fix a slow-draining toilet. However, if you want to follow some DIYs, then you need to know extensively about the different components of a toilet. But, if you are not too sure, then calling in a professional plumber is the best solution.

Replacement of the cracked toilet bowl

Sometimes, the toilet bowl can crack, leading to leakage of water. The obvious signs include a puddle of water underneath the toilet. However, there are no simple ways to fix this issue.

For temporary measures, you can use sealing agents. But, if you want a permanent solution, then you will have to replace the toilet with a new one. For this, getting in touch with experts is the best option.

Removal of the broken fill tube

One of the most vital components of the toilet is the fill tube. It is generally black in color and allows the water to transfer from the toilet tank into the bowl. However, with time, there can be damage to the fill tube. Thus, it can unclip, leading to water filling the tank, which then moves into the bowl.

The best solution is to take a look at the fill tube and diagnose its condition. If the tube is too damaged, then you must replace it. However, if it is in prime condition and is simply disconnected, it can be attached to the cylinder again.

Using a plunger

One of the most common issues that can attribute to a slow draining toilet is a clogged drain. There are different causes that can explain the clog. The best way to check if the reason is a blockage is to check if the water level is high for some minutes after the flush.

One of the best ways to deal with the clog is to use a plunger. Firstly, wear some protective gloves and then place the device into the toilet. Make sure that you create a good seal and then move it up and down with some force. Maintaining the seal is of immense importance. The force of the movements will dislodge the clog eventually.

You can also use a combination of dish soap, hot water, and drain cleaner. However, refrain from using hot water if the toilet is old and made up of porcelain.

Use a plumber's snake to clear the clog in the sewer line vent

The sewer line vent aids the water to move via the drainage system. Moreover, it also blocks the entry of sewage gases into the home. However, there can be a blockage within the pipes.

It is pertinent that you deal with the problem as soon as possible. First of all, try to look at the sewer line vent from the roof. Check if there is anything blocking the external area surrounding the pipe. Then, you can use a flashlight to see the location of the clog. If it is nearby, you can use the plumber's snake to dissolve the clog.

Want to fix a slow-draining toilet? Get expert aid now!

There are various reasons that can explain the slow draining of a toilet. Irrespective of the issue, you must take steps to fix it immediately. If left untreated, it can lead to severe consequences, including water wastage. In order to get the best solution, you must call in the experts.

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