How To Secure Your Home When Going On A Vacation? Follow These Effective Tips

How To Secure Your Home When Going On A Vacation? Follow These Effective Tips

Are you planning to go on vacation with your family? Do you often leave your house empty for long hours? Does leaving your house on stand-by give you anxiety about burglary? Burglaries are preventable, and this can be done by taking several simple steps. Many of us live in fear of our houses getting burgled during an extended family break or a long business trip. There is no shortage of the number of stories on the Internet on how people have found their house robbed or have incidents of pipe bursts while away. Problems like these tend to increase our level of stress and cause hindrance, especially when all one wants to do, is to enjoy a good break, away from home with their friends and family.

There are several steps one can take to ensure peace of mind while leaving your house for a night, for a few days of a business trip or even an extended vacation. These include several everyday actions as well as investing in various gadgets for this purpose. If you are always asking your friends, families and neighbors, or googling now and then, ‘how to secure your home when on vacation?’ it’s high time you should read this article: 

Tips on securing your house:

  • One of the basic steps is to ensure that your main door and entrance gate, at odd hours, are locked, chained and fixated. The construction of the gate should be strong, big and sturdy, as flimsy or regular doors can encourage a lot of thieves and invaders to enter the house. This can be prevented by installing strong doors, one that cannot be smashed like glass doors.
  • It is not uncommon for close communities or neighbours to arrange a watch to remain alert to intruders. It always pays to trust your neighbours and arrange a neighbourhood watch.
  • Posting your current status on social media accounts like instant check-in for a location or photos is a way of broadcasting that you are away from home and on vacation. Doing so may put your house at risk.
  • Being insured can be an advantage in the case when there is a burglary.
  • In Australia, Electron Security is a smart move when it comes to home security. Investing in a good home security alarm system is one of the best methods of preventing a burglary. A security system of this kind should ideally include securing your doors and windows with appropriate sensors. This type of system should ideally be wired to your network to provide real-time status, even while you are away. It should also allow you to operate it remotely and make necessary changes as and when necessary. Investing in a security system that also monitors the environment is more beneficial since this allows one to monitor other factors like increase in the level of moisture and provide flood alert in the case of broken pipes, they can also detect smoke and carbon monoxide.
  • Installing CCTV cameras to monitor your home is one of the most effective deterrents against common criminals. Besides being one of the easiest systems to set up, it is also one of the most cost-effective and efficient ones. It is a proven deterrent against criminals and will prevent a large number of criminals from planning to rob your place. Besides preventing criminals from going ahead with their plan to rob, it also helps identify a criminal in case of a robbery. This type of system will not require a great deal of maintenance either and is fairly simple to operate.

It is good practice to double-check that all the doors and windows of your house are secure before setting off on a long trip or even a short business trip for that matter. As an added preventive measure, it is also a good idea to cover any exposed windows that are in the garage. It is highly beneficial to make use of technology to help keep your house secure besides taking the several common steps for this purpose. Investing in a good security system with CCTV like that from Electron security in Sydney to monitor the place and an efficient security alarm is a good method to keep your house secure. Leaving a pile of newspapers and mail unattended can attract the attention of those passing by. Taking a simple step to avoid creating an impression that you are away can go a long way to avoiding a burglary.


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