10 Instagramable Coffee Shop Ideas from Around the World

Bring places to places and create experiential replicas of well-loved timeless places from all around the world.

10 Instagramable Coffee Shop Ideas from Around the World
10 Instagramable Coffee Shop Ideas from Around the World

If there's one thing the creative, intellectual, and social coffee shop lovers are missing the most these days, it's the culture trips. 

Since the end of 2019, people have been traveling 80% less than they used to. Instead, they spend more time drinking coffee at home while daydreaming about their future destinations.

However, people miss their friends and would love to go out. Encourage them by bringing places to places and creating experiential replicas of well-loved timeless places from all around the world. 

  1. Parisian Coffee Shop Ideas

"Emily in Paris" is among the most successful shows in 2020. The lure of romantic century-old mansions and the pleasurable Parisian way of life is as irresistible as the fierce and flamboyant French attitude.

There is no better way to relish in the pleasure of doing nothing than spending a lazy afternoon in an outdoor cafe, reading, writing, and engaging in pleasant conversations. 

Create an authentic Parisian experience in a baroque building. Decorate the indoor tables with flowers in delicate vases and shelter the outdoor tables in white or black umbrellas. Create a timeless mood with pictures, paintings, and fairy lights. Stone walls, reclaimed wood, and vintage furniture create a nostalgic effect. Widen the windows to bring in the natural light. 

Parisian café staples include croque monsieur, green bean salad, ham-and-cheese baguette sandwiches, deviled eggs, and mixed cheese and cured meat platters. Pair them with a V60 Pourover. Take inspiration from famous French Cafes including Ten Belles, Café Loustic, and Holybelly.

  1. Italian Cafe

Romans love Italian Cafes that transform into bars at night. They fancy beautiful outdoor settings with shade-giving flowers. Complete the feel with yellow lights gently touching the earth-tone interiors. Stone buildings and stone stairs make the perfect facade. 

Romans are big on artisanal bread and pastries paired with coffee zuccherato, which is sweetened by adding a spoonful of a sweet, frothy foam made from the first few drops of an espresso whipped with sugar.

Make the cafe more inclusive with a top-notch espresso, cappuccino, and, of course, the famed granita al caffè. This icy, slushy coffee drink is served with whipped cream and provides a sweet hit of caffeine and calories. Roasted coffee beans, tea blends, and other gift items are also a good idea.

  1. New York Coffee Shop Ideas

While France and Rome are well-loved for their magnificent past, New York is present, fast-paced, and ready for the future. Diversity is the word for the big apple. For coffee shops, anything goes from classic to modern, pop-culture-inspired, sleek, minimalist, or sentimental. It's like you can find the entire world in one city. 

However, New York does have its special drinks: caramelized brown sugar and dulce de leche lattes. These go along with New York cafe stapes like cinnamon rolls, almond croissants, guava-cheese danish, and sandwiches.

Sometimes, the busy, sleepless New Yorkers would ask for a brown bag with cold brew and chocolate chip cookie.

Finally, New York cafes are also enriching their offerings with a smoothie bar. Strawberry-smoothie and Chocolate Banana are best-sellers. 

  1. Peruvian Cafe

The highlight of your Peruvian Cafe experience lies in their homegrown beans that give you flavors from high altitudes. The flavorful, aromatic, and light-bodied blend is a perfect start to a day of exploring colorful natural settings. Peruvian coffee shops are mostly minimalist with small pops of colors and alluring Peruvian trinkets that you can take home. Chia seeds are another treasured Peruvian delicacy. 

  1. Greek Coffee

Greece will always be a place of beauty, from its deep blue sea and majestic porcelain cliffs to its dainty white houses accented by cerulean fixtures. The oldest and most beautiful stories of love and heroism, and victories and tragedies, and gods and nature were birthed in Greece, and for that, the world will always look back to Greek influence.

So, if you want to have coffee like you're in "Percy Jackson" or "Mama Mia," start with Greek Coffee, a strong brew served with foam on top and grounds at the bottom. It is best made with the traditional small pot called briki, which allows the proper amount of foam for the coffee's unique taste. 

To make a cup of Greek Coffee, you'll need:

  • Greek coffee

  •  Sugar (optional)

  • A briki

  • Demitasse cups 

  • Cold water

  • Water glasses

Pour one demitasse cup of cold water into the Briki. Add one to two heapings of coffee. Then, add one to two heapings of sugar. Place the briki over low-medium heat and stir until coffee and sugar are mixed. 

Stop stirring. Allow the foam to rise to the top of the Briki,  then remove it. Pour the mixture into your cup and slip slowly.

  1. Egyptian Coffee

Egyptian coffee is sweet and foamy like Greek Coffee. Along with shared history, Greece and Egypt share the same coffee recipe.

The similarities end there, however, as Egyptian favor their own ceramics, featuring hieroglyphs. Gold is also Egypt's color and is prominent in anything Egyptian. 

  1. Seoul Coffee Shop Ideas

There are so many beautiful cafes in Korea. Koreans are so diverse and overflowing with ideas, you'll have a thousand concepts to choose from. The best place to start? Be on the lookout for coffee shops while watching your favorite K-drama. 

On top of our list is the pretty and cozy coffee shop featured in the top Korean drama "Coffee Prince."

Meanwhile, Helsinki Espresso Bar is the high-end coffee shop showcased in rich people dramas like "World of Married" and "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim." The spacious white exterior accented in gold makes the perfect background for fashionable affluent people greeting each other. 

Featured in "Goblin," Cafe Zino is another iconic coffee shop defined by oil painting portraits, a classic chandelier, piano, cream curtains, and carved oakwood furniture that takes you back in time. It's where eligible bachelors like Goblin like to have a quiet time.

  1. Japanese Cat Cafe

Bring an adorable twist to your usual coffee shop by letting loose a few furry friends that can accompany solo coffee shop goers and delight them in between reading and relaxing. There are at least 39 cat cafes in Tokyo and 150 in entire Japan. Even Japanese businessmen are seen happily playing with cats and forgetting about work for a while. 

Unlike in Japan where cats can freely roam around in the Japanese Cat Cafe, Cat Cafes in the US usually have a cat playpen. 

  1. Balinese Coffee Shop

If you are near the beach, take inspiration from the gorgeous open-air Balinese coffee shops. They feature beautifully crafted pallet tables and chairs, shell chandeliers, paper lamps, and rattan weavings. The pillars and ceilings are also made from carved wood with unique Balinese designs. 

  1. London Coffee Shop Ideas

Alongside your usual excellent espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos, Londoners love a variety of cakes, especially chocolate cakes. Cheese Cake, Apple Cinamon, Banana Carrot, Chocolate Cake, and Tiramisu are a few favorites. Don’t forget salted caramel tarts. English teas are essential.

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