The Most Affordable Places to Live in Tennessee Right Now

If you are looking for the most affordable places to live in Tennessee, we've rounded up top Volunteer State cities for you.

The Most Affordable Places to Live in Tennessee Right Now
The Most Affordable Places to Live in Tennessee Right Now
The Most Affordable Places to Live in Tennessee Right Now

The great state of Tennessee has a bit of something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a small town or a big metropolis to settle in, Tennessee has got you covered. However, not all places here are designed for everyone's budget. The chances are that if you decide to move to a bigger city, your wallet won't stay hefty for long. Nonetheless, the Volunteer State has plenty of hidden gems at your disposal. A plethora of affordable places you can start a life in. We have taken the time to round up some of those places where you can get the most value for your dollar.

The most affordable places to live in Tennessee

Even though the state has remained a country stars' haven, median home prices have managed to stay relatively low. In fact, the average amount for which you can purchase a home in Tennessee falls around $170,000. That's significantly lower than the current national average of about $225,000.

Since moving is a process responsible for making a massive dent in your savings account, it is totally understandable why you would like to preserve as much money as possible. In fact, by planning a move smartly, you can save up to 50% of your funds! That's why, if interested in calling Tennessee your home, you should first inform yourself about the cheapest cities for living.


Despite it being the fourth biggest city in the state, Chattanooga is still a reasonably-priced place for those looking to settle somewhere. While it is undoubtedly famous for its nightlife and the art district that never sleeps, that's not to say that peaceful neighborhoods aren't available.

Some sources mention Chattanooga as one of the 100 best spots to live in America. There is definitely truth in that, especially if we take into consideration the average time it takes one to commute. Compared to the country's average of 27 minutes, Chattanooga's 18 minutes are indeed attractive. When talking about careers, lots of residents opt for pursuing one in medicine since the area is equipped with some great hospitals.

If purchasing a home here, Chattanooga is really one of the most affordable places in Tennessee. A sum of $150,000 can get you a decently-sized home. Renting is also an option for an average monthly fee of about $800. While not the cheapest one out there, for a large city, it's quite a bargain.

Chattanooga is among one of the most affordable places to live in Tennessee. It's not small either and has an exciting art scene.


When moving someplace different, you have to be aware that having relocation of any type handled is a daring job that takes up a whole lot of time and resources. Of course, if you decide you are up for the task but would still like to keep it budget-friendly, you should consider life in Memphis. This city could even be your best bet for the cheap living among all major Tennessee metropolia!

The residents of the second-largest city of Tennessee have it good with a median home value of around $110,000 and an average rental fee of $870. In addition to providing people with affordable housing solutions, Memphis boasts of being home to top-class BBQ. The city is even a host of the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

Memphis has a tremendous historical value as it's the place where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. The city is also home to the biggest African-American community in all Tennessee.

Despite it being the second-largest city in the state, Memphis remains a reasonably-priced place to settle in.


What does the capital of France have to do with affordable places in Tennessee? Well, that Paris absolutely nothing. On the other hand, the Paris we are talking about has plenty! This small city tucked away inside Henry County with a population of around 10,000 people is worth checking out.

Those interested in relocating here will be happy to know that the median home value is as low as $95,000! If considering the move to the area because you'd like to purchase property, people at can help you make the transition. After all, finding reliable movers to handle the entire process effortlessly is of utmost importance.

Just like its bigger French counterpart, Paris also has the Eiffel Tower to be proud of. It's actually the exact 70-feet-high replica. Not as high as the real thing, but nonetheless incredibly interesting. In addition, each year, the so-called ''World’s Biggest Fish Fry'' event takes place in this quaint little town.

Johnson City

When talking about the most affordable places for life in the Volunteer State, it's hard not to mention Johnson City. Located in Washington County, this gem and its friendly residents are there to make any newcomer feel welcome. With a population of around 65,000 people, the city is just the perfect size and doesn't feel too small nor too big.

Having $150,000 at your disposal can allow you to invest in a home here. If looking to rent rather than buy, you won't be disappointed either. The median rental fee falls around $700 per month.

Life in Johnson City comes with loads of opportunities to have fun. Whether you like going to cafes & restaurants or are a lover of nature, you'll be satisfied as the town has a bit of both. Watauga Lake and the mesmerizing mountain views are notorious for rendering everyone speechless.

Oak Ridge

About 25 miles west of the busy Knoxville lies the town by the name of Oak Ridge. The place is home to 30,000 people, most of whom are there for work. However, families are welcome too. As far as career opportunities are concerned, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory provides jobs for a vast number of the town's inhabitants.

There are loads of outdoor activities to engage in here, from enjoying a picnic in one of the many parks or playing disc golf all the way to going for a run on the marked trails. The choices are many.

The attractive median home value of $135,000 and the average rent of $700 are precisely why this interesting city has made it into our list of the most affordable places to live in Tennessee.

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