How to clean and sanitize carpet, dry or steam

The carpet gets dirty easily and is more prone to stains and dust. To always keep it clean, it is important to proceed accurately: here's how

How to clean and sanitize carpet, dry or steam
How to clean and sanitize carpet, dry or steam

The carpet gets dirty easily and is more prone to stains and dust. To always keep it clean, it is important to proceed accurately: here's how



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Those who love this type of flooring, which is very chic and elegant, know how important it is to clean the carpet, which is easily predisposed to become a real receptacle of dust and dirt.

This does not mean that you should give it up, but that you should periodically dedicate yourself to cleaning the carpet from dust, sanitizing it thoroughly.

How often should the carpet be washed?

Having carpet in your home creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but to keep it free from crumbs, dirt and dust, you need to clean it daily: this will prevent dirt from accumulating and it will be easier to keep it clean.

To do this, you do not need special detergents, just pass the vacuum cleaner making sure that the appliance is equipped with excellent filters, able to retain all the particles without dispersing them in the environment, taking care to clean them frequently.

Another method to clean carpet is to wipe it with a cloth soaked in water and alcohol or water and ammonia: this mixture, which is the best carpet cleaner as it is effective and natural, can be used weekly for a more thorough cleaning.

The best carpet vacuum cleaner is the brush vacuum cleaner, suitable for all surfaces, while the carpet cleaner is more suitable for tightly laid carpets.

Depending on the type of carpet, the material with which it is made and the various personal needs (including health, especially if you suffer from allergies), you can then choose between a dry or steam cleaning of the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning: the most effective and ecological methods

To maintain the beauty of the carpet, protecting its particular texture and preventing the colour from fading, cleaning experts recommend dry cleaning the carpet. What is it about? Simply by cleaning it through methods that do not involve the use of water or particular detergents: you can vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust or hair that has settled on it or even sweep it with a broom, considered the most suitable thanks to its composition that facilitates the removal of dust in depth.


In this case, the broom must be passed in the direction of the carpet texture, but also in the opposite direction, for a more thorough cleaning.

A natural method to revive the colour of the carpet is then to wrap tea leaves with a cloth and pass it several times on the surface to polish it.

An alternative is dry cleaning with sodium bicarbonate, it is an excellent ally for cleaning the carpet: just sprinkle it with a generous layer, leave it to act for a few hours and vacuum everything with a vacuum cleaner. In this way, the carpet will be clean and sanitized. Furthermore, bicarbonate can absorb any stains.

As an alternative to baking soda, corn starch can also be used, very delicate, perfect for the most refined carpets. However, dry cleaning is sometimes not enough to clean the carpet in depth: in this case, other methods are used such as cleaning with steam.

Steam cleaning carpet: advantages and procedure

The advantages of steam cleaning carpet are many:

  • The carpet is thoroughly washed and sanitized
  • Its beauty is preserved
  • Dust mites are fought
  • It is a fast and ecological method

To clean the carpet in-depth, one of the best methods is certainly the steam one: there are now many tools on the market that use steam to clean and sanitize surfaces, as well as a steam carpet cleaner, perfect for cleaning in an even large surface, are professional.

Of course, when choosing the most suitable steam appliance, it is always good to prefer energy-saving ones, so that you can often clean your carpet without the fear of unpleasant surprises in your bill.

The operation of a  steam carpet cleaner is very simple: this tool works by releasing a mixture of water and detergent in the form of steam that penetrates the carpet fibres and dissolves the dirt; this will then be sucked up and collected in a special tank.

With steam cleaning the carpet will be washed and sanitized to the maximum thanks to the high temperatures, which will also favour the elimination of mites, dust, dirt and stains.

Carpet washing: prices

Prices for professional carpet cleaning vary, depending on the size of the surface, but also on the type of cleaning.

In general, the rates can be applied following two different criteria: the price per room and the price per square meter. Average prices for houses ranging up to 1000 square meters are 100-250 euros, for steam cleaning, while for larger houses, the price can go up to 500 euros.

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