The mistakes beginners make during a contest preparation

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The mistakes beginners make during a contest preparation

Entering a fitness, bodybuilding or physique contest can be the ideal thing to opt for if you are determined to reach your goals and overcome certain new challenges. While all of these looks of contest preparation look glamorous at an initial stage, this involves surely more than showcasing the athletic physique and looks. Beyond the confidence, smiles, athleticism & poise is the culmination of long intense preparation, planning and rigorous hard work.

 If you are willing to enter any health and fitness contest, you need to keep in mind that you should not expect to attain that ideal body of your dreams. The beginners tend to make certain common mistakes while they take up contest preparation. Here are those mistakes:



  1. Switching to very high-repetition training

Several beginners think that the high-rep training will help in enhancing the muscles and drop body fat much faster, but the truth is that it can lead to a considerable loss of muscles strength and fullness. Adopting those selective volumes of the intensity techniques & heavyweights in the training sessions is ideal for burning more and more calories.

  1. Cutting down on the calories very quickly and abruptly 

Often in the beginning it becomes tempting to quickly cut down on the calories for achieving that dream body that you always wanted. When you eliminate the excess fat from your body, at the same time you would also lose stored carb, glycogen, water, and muscle tissue.

The energy levels of a beginner would eventually plunge & diminish the overall ability to work out hard due to sudden aggressive calorie cuts.

Also in the process, the beginner can end up causing some serious damage to his overall metabolism and stop himself from making any progress when the overall phenomenon of the weight loss plateaus and cutting down on the calories is no further an option.

 Instead of adopting to cut down the calories very quickly, you should necessarily start with a small and gradual caloric deficit. You should necessarily eliminate all the junk foods and then determine the macros for finding your maintenance level of calories two to three weeks before preparing for a competition. As per the fitness experts, you should start dropping 300-500 calories in the very first week. This would give more time to your body to adjust to the changes healthily and help you in maintaining stable and ideal body weight.

  1. Ignoring those sacrifices 

Reunions, parties, and several other social gatherings would involve meals and drinks. Indulging in those favourite alcoholic beverages and food can be allowed during the offseason but not during the phase of contest preparation. So, you must refrain from socializing. This may affect your relationships with your friends and family. You should not ignore the significance of maintaining your relationship with your near and dear ones and thus should strike the right balance.

  1. Failing in tracking the progress from time to time 

When you enter a contest prep, this requires you to track the progress very keenly from time to time. Recording the measurements, including body circumference and weight is very necessary. Only then, you or your trainer would be able to analyze the progress that you have made step by step. You should ideally maintain a journal that contains the regular logs of the training sessions and the photos of the weekly progress. This would serve as your progress report in staying motivated and gives you the spirit to carry on.


Depending on the type of content that you are planning to participate in, you necessarily need to take up the contest preparation for months together and,  hire professional trainers for avoid mistakes for contest preparation for achieving the desired results.



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