Can Electrical Upgrades Help Boost Your Home's Value

How can an electrical upgrade increase the resale value of the home? Try out the following electrical modifications that will increase your home's value.

Can Electrical Upgrades Help Boost Your Home's Value

With some electrical modification, you can boost the value of your home. This will help you in case you want to sell your home or planning to sell it soon. These electrical enhancements will not only make your home more attractive to prospective buyers but also new energy-efficient appliances mean a curtailed energy bill.

Electrical Upgrades for the Home

Electrical modifications can be implemented from smart appliances to the lighting or even a complete home rewires and thereby boosts the overall value of your home. Try out the following electrical modifications that will increase your home’s value:

Switchboard Upgrades

Your home’s switchboard may be hidden and out of sight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Upgrading the switchboard will make your home safer, which is a big selling point for your home. A level 2 electrician is qualified to perform switchboard upgrades and when upgrading your switchboard, they will detach and take out old ceramic fuses and install the latest safety switches. When safety switches detect a possible problem, they will cut off the electricity.

LED lighting

Switching over from halogen globes to LED lighting is perhaps one of the easiest electrical enhancements you can perform for your home. LED lighting comes with many advantages like they are more energy-competent and lasting, as well as, they have a low fire risk and are compact. That means you have a huge array of design fittings to pick from. If you have spectacular lighting in place, your home will be very attractive. A pleasing design or a beautiful pendant light over the dining room will also attract many potential home buyers. You can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your home by adding a little extra touch.


Nowadays, people are getting aware of solar energy and its many benefits, thus, homeowners are getting solar panels installed to collect sun’s heat and light and lower their ecological impact. With solar, you can also save significantly – for instance, any electricity produced and not used, is send back to the grid. In this way, you earn a rebate for your bill. This certainly attracts probable home buyers. Once you have completed the installation of solar panels, the very next thing to do is to set up a solar meter. And you need to contact accredited level 2 electricians for getting the solar meter installed.

Go for Kitchen Renovation

If you find it difficult and out of budget to renovate your entire home, then just go for kitchen renovation instead. A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be a very costly affair because it’s the small additions that add value. Small additions you can lend to your existing kitchen can include:

Adding More Power-Points

Many of the older homes just have two power-points in each room. However, for the modern tech-savvy families, this is just not enough. Members of your family will be happy to get more power-points in the rooms.

An Electric Oven

These days, electric ovens come with programmable cooking functions. This means that you can set your oven to automatically switch OFF when it senses that the food is cooked – in the meantime, you can complete other chores. Well, this may not be essential but when you install such smart appliances, it can certainly make your home stand out from the rest.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

When you install new energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen, it will be a welcome respite to the next probable homeowner as they won’t have to do it. They can also be confident they won’t be piling up a hefty electricity bill that can often occur as a result of using old appliances.

LED Strip Lighting beneath the Cabinets

Lighting beneath the cabinets is a fantastic add-on, as well as, a practical one that provides some extra light when cutting vegetables or getting into the kitchen secretively at midnight to have some snack.

Private Power Pole

Many of the homeowners prefer installing a private power pole during home renovations – that’s because ugly cables that can spoil the front yard can be abolished. Besides, you can select to lay the cables that connect to the private power pole with switchboard underground rather than the conventional overhead one. For installing a private power pole, an accredited level 2 electrician can help.

Outdoor Lighting

Home with outdoor lighting looks beautiful when it is lighted and your home looks welcoming and hospitable. Besides, another advantage of outdoor lighting is it deters intruders. Above all, a well-lit home can make all the difference in averting theft and vandalism. Thus, remember to include outdoor lighting that extends from your home’s front side to the attached lawn or driveway.

Final Words

Well, when you want to renovate or sell your property, you can add some value to your existing home through the addition of some electrical upgrades. Get in touch with an expert level 2 electrician Sydney for level 2 electrical installations and repairs per your emerging needs.

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