Aussie businesses in NYC

Wondering what the best Aussie businesses in NYC are? Don't hesitate to visit this page and find everything there's to know about it.

Aussie businesses in NYC
Aussie businesses in NYC
Aussie businesses in NYC
Aussie businesses in NYC

NYC was the go-to place for many Australians for the better part of the XX century. That shouldn't surprise anyone since the Big Apple was, and still is, the Mecca of contemporary culture. It's not hard to realize why many Aussies found NYC as a place filled with business opportunities. Nowadays, we're witnesses to the influx of Australian-born entrepreneurs making it big in NYC. Since you're here, reading this article, there's a good chance you're wondering what's the deal with Aussie businesses in contemporary New York these days. Stick around, and you'll find out a great deal about it!

Where's Little Australia?

Did you know there's such a thing as Little Australia? In case you didn't, here's where you can locate it! Some regard this place as one of the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan at this very moment. You'll find so-called Little Australia in the surrounding area around Lower Manhattan's Mulberry Street and Mott Street. This is where Australia's and New Zealand's cafe culture left its mark on NYC. If you're looking for an Australian ex-pat community, that's where you should go searching for it. Anyway, let's see what kind of Aussie-owned businesses you'll also find there.

Two Hands

Wondering where to take your friends out to lunch? A bar/restaurant called Two Hands, located at the corner of Mott Street and Groome Street, is just the place you need. Many folks find it a quiet place with fantastic service. Also, you'll get to enjoy a lot of specialty dishes from all over the world. If Jumbo Lump Crab Cake sounds good to you, don't miss paying a visit to Two Hands! PS. You'll find Two Hands at three other locations around NYC (Tribeca, Williamsburg, and Noho).

Cafe Grumpy

This one goes out for all coffee-lovers residing in NYC! Cafe Grumpy is one of the landmarks of Australian cafe culture in the Big Apple. Now, don't let the name misguide you. The service you'll get is fantastic, and you won't see a lot of grumpy folks sitting around Cafe Grumpy, even though it seems only natural one could find them there. Anyway, Cafe Grumpy is located at NYC's 20th Street. Catch up with friends or enjoy a solo sunny afternoon drinking homemade ice tea in Cafe Grumpy!

Bluestone Lane

If you were to ask NYC locals where to find the best Australian-style coffee in town, they'd probably tell you: Bluestone Lane! You'll find this franchise all over NYC. Of course, the most notable place is the one you'll stumble upon in Little Australia! The coffee you'll get to try in Bluestone Lane coffee shops is plain amazing, with beans coming all the way from sustainable farms in Central and South America! Aussie-owned Bluestone Lane is proud to be a sustainable business. Nowadays, more and more companies are going green, and that's what you call a good investment in the future! In other words: it gives us hope where we thought there was none!

What else's there beside Little Australia?

Alright, that's that when it comes to famous Aussie-based businesses in Little Australia. If you've found the section above to be interesting, you might be thinking about moving your business here. There are a lot of NYC-based commercial movers that could help you deal with this task with ease. Since we're guessing you're an Australian business owner, moving your company to Little Australia would provide you with a great working environment, as if you never left home! Okay, let's check out some other Aussie-owned businesses in NYC.

WellBuilt Co

So we know Australians in NYC are pretty well-known for their coffee shops, but what about construction companies? Well, it turns out they're pretty good at it, too. WellBuilt Co is an Aussie-owned NYC construction and development company. Being over ten years in the business, these guys know how to do their stuff. For a company that started during the recession, WellBuilt Co's doing more than well! The company's very adaptable and open to new technologies. Also, a pretty diverse workforce makes this company stand out from the crowd! PS. Someone once said both Australians and Americans share the same work ethic. The guys at WellBuilt Co certainly prove this statement.

Generation Woman

Meet Georgia Clark. Born in Sydney, she moved to NYC when she was 29 to pursue a literary career. What better place to do that than NYC, right? Anyway, she founded Generation Women, a storytelling night that focuses on original stories told by women coming from all age groups. It's a "place" where women can feel at home regardless of their age and sexual orientation. That was the idea! Besides founding and hosting Generation Woman, Georgia did write some novels! You might've heard about or read The Bucket List? Anyway, if you're an Australian-born NYC resident trying to make it big, Georgia's tale can serve as a good inspiration model. But, if you're still hesitating whether you should chase your dreams or not, check out the offer at, and watch as your dreams become a reality. With the right pair of helping hands, you'll ensure your NYC entrepreneurship adventure has the best possible start.

Additional info: Get approved for a loan in NYC

We won't keep you much longer. If you're an NYC-based Australian soon-to-be entrepreneur, here's a collection of tips on how to get approved for a small business loan in NYC.

Final thoughts on Aussie businesses in NYC

As you could've seen, there are plenty of great Aussie businesses in NYC. Currently, the Big Apple's home to more than 20k Australians. There's no reason you should miss out on joining them and trying your luck in the capital city of the world, otherwise known as New York.

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