How to Track Real Estate Investment Digitally in 2022

How to Track Real Estate Investment Digitally in 2022

The real estate industry has been undergoing a substantial digital transformation in the last few years. Property investors should use advanced technologies and tools to cater to their needs and fetch more valuable details. This information is beneficial for the agents in making a beneficial move in the real estate business. Digital real estate tools help property investors build equity and generate excellent cash flow. 

There are a plethora of digital tools for property investors, which make the buying and selling process easier. Whether it is evaluating potential deals, property forecasting, or handling rental properties, digital tools can be of significant help. 

Over the years, several innovative digital investment tracking services and tools have surfaced that provide a myriad of ways to track your investments. 

Let’s have a look at digital tools that property investors can use in Australia to track their real estate investment using a digital platform in 2022:

a) Digital Bookkeeping

• Digital bookkeeping involves storing your property accounting transactions on a digital platform. 

• You can use the software to link to the data and streamline payments more efficiently. 

• Buying an investment property and keeping your records online will help keep records intact for a long time, and you can have remote access to the entire data anytime. 

• Besides, you can generate an invoice through the software and can directly email it to your client. 

• Thus, you can keep an electronic record of every transaction while renting or buying a property.    

b) Portfolio Forecasting

• Portfolio forecasting is not a simple task for investors, but digital portfolio forecasting can help property investors significantly if it is done rightly. 

• Digital forecasting will provide you with crucial insight into the real-time and past data, which can assist you in predicting the future requirements of the buyers. 

• Forecasting the buyers’ demands will help you enhance your strategies to boost efficiency throughout the supply chain. 

• You will be capable of anticipating what kind of property your customers are looking for, and what are their needs.

• This way, you can reduce additional inventory levels, accelerating the overall profit levels. 

c) Analysing Digital Market Activity Reports 

• Assessing daily, weekly, and monthly market activity reports on a digital platform, you can upgrade your marketing efforts and promotional activities.

• These reports enable you to combine data from different sources and access market activity details from one access point.

• No or less manual work will lead to fewer chances of human error in these reports.

• The data provides a valuable insight into the behaviour of customers. 

• Besides, you can observe your performance and focus on techniques that drive more business for you.

d) Managing Digital Tours of Your Property

• The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the ways people used to make a purchase or do business. 

• A digital platform enables you to provide virtual tours to your customers, making the home purchasing experience more exciting and approachable. 

• These virtual platforms provide high-quality videos and images of properties, enabling investors to present assets in the best possible manner.

• The buyers can have a look at the location remotely and can observe the features of the property on their own while walking through it virtually. 

Digital property management is a powerful technique that gives property investment agents in Australia exceptional advantages in a highly competitive real estate market. Using digital tools, investors can keep their buyers informed about the property dealing progress during each phase. 

Digital tools for property investors enhance their marketing efforts and help them function more efficiently.  


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