The coolest Manhattan neighborhoods

There are many great Manhattan neighborhoods. However, not every one of these will suit your needs. Make sure to choose carefully.

The coolest Manhattan neighborhoods
The coolest Manhattan neighborhoods
The coolest Manhattan neighborhoods

No matter if you're thinking of visiting Manhattan or even relocating there, you're probably aware of just how great of an experience it'll be. It is one of the best areas in the most sung about and beloved city in the world. Nevertheless, especially if you have a limited amount of time for this visit or if you're looking for your future home, you need to choose the location you'll be staying at carefully. There are many great Manhattan neighborhoods, and the chances are that you won't make a mistake. Still, let's brush up on our knowledge of some of the most fantastic areas here.

Do your research

Firstly, try not to take just one or two sources' advice and form an unfounded opinion. Make sure to take a look at multiple trustworthy sites and write down what your preferences are. No matter how much you trust someone, it's natural that everyone likes different things.

The coolest Manhattan neighborhoods you must visit

These are some favorite picks that both tourists and locals enjoy visiting in Manhattan.

Upper East Side

On the off chance that you haven't guessed what the first one on our list will be, Upper East Side is undoubtedly the most popular of all the neighborhoods. Although an obvious choice, classics are classic for a reason. If you're looking for a place that has it all - from great private schools to fancy modern restaurants - and don't mind paying extra for it, this is your place. A great thing about it is that it's pretty spacious, which isn't typical for NYC. If you have big career goals and ambitions, the Upper East Side is the place that'll make them possible. This neighborhood is perfect for families, not only because of great schools but also because of incredible cultural sights.

Upper West Side

Although it often gets reduced to the Upper East Side's shadow, Upper West Side is one of the coolest Manhattan neighborhoods. You'll still have plenty of business opportunities but will get a chance to live a quiet and somewhat affordable life. It's also a great option if you're younger and are only starting your adult life. Opportunities to go out and have fun are plentiful.


Speaking of fun and youth, if you're a young and ambitious person traveling to NYC, Harlem could be the right choice. The community feel, diversity, and overall youthful atmosphere have a way of making this neighborhood one of the "it" places. It's also a great neighborhood if you're searching for a college in NYC that has a great rep but is also fun. On top of all this, Harlem is one of the most affordable areas in Manhattan.

Murray Hill

Another one of Manhattan areas that's great for a younger crowd is Murray Hill. However, this neighborhood isn't as fun and nightlife-oriented as the previous candidate. That's not to say that you won't have opportunities to let loose and have fun. Nevertheless, most people that relocate here focus on either education or work. It's a very success-oriented place.

If you're relocating here, know that it's a busy area. Make sure to get the best movers and be well-organized. Also, do your research to get some insight into your upcoming relocation. According to, your NYC relocation should go great if you begin on time and plan everything out.


Although there are many great Manhattan neighborhoods, Tribeca might be the coolest of the bunch. You're likely to meet different celebrities, live a busy lifestyle in a modern loft, and have excellent coffee all the time. It's truly like living in a movie. Arguably, Tribeca is the most amazing trendy place in Manhattan. However, it might be even greater if you live somewhere in its vicinity and have a chance to visit it whenever you like if you appreciate a less busy lifestyle.


For a more cultural feel, make sure to take a look at Chelsea. You will never run out of fantastic art galleries to visit. It's filled to the brim with edgy artists of all backgrounds that bring an incredible feeling of diversity. That is probably why many people move here from another, perhaps even fancier, Manhattan neighborhood. If you wish to have an easy and stress-free experience relocating here, all you need to do is hire a local moving company of your choice. And finding the right one shouldn't be hard since there are many great companies at your disposal.


Soho is another trendy Manhattan neighborhood that won't disappoint. If you like a more luxurious lifestyle that includes shopping sprees and high-end amenities, you'll love it here. Although it's well-known for its fine boutiques that hold some of the best designer pieces, Soho has a certain flair about it. The massive number of tourists create a great atmosphere that you cannot get anywhere else.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is an all-inclusive place with great hipster hangout spots, quirky coffee shops, and very LGBT-friendly places. Of course, purchasing a home here would not be the most affordable venture. However, exploring the area and hanging out here will always be time well spent. If you live somewhere nearby, like Chelsea, for example, you'll love the vibe that this neighborhood has to offer.

Make sure that you're happy with your decision

Whichever way you choose, don't make decisions based only on other people's experiences and advice. Make sure to take your preferences and priorities into account as well. It doesn't matter that some of these Manhattan neighborhoods are popular and fancy if they don't suit your vibe or if you need to commute a long way to get to work. Making a pros and cons list is probably one of the most effective ways of making your final choice.

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