What Works Better; Dry Cleaning or Vacuum Cleaning

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What Works Better; Dry Cleaning or Vacuum Cleaning

There has been ample information available for the debate on the dry cleaning of Carpets or steam cleaning and which is better and how are they different from each. The vacuum carpet steam cleaning is used by professional for the deep cleaning of the carpets and remove stuck particles from the fibers of carpets. Thus, both the processes are well-known for providing great results and the major difference in both the procedure is the amount of water used. The result from both the cleaning methods depends upon the technique used by an expert. Here is something that will help you to know which cleaning is better to dry cleaning or vacuum cleaning.

Difference Between Dry and Vacuum Steam Cleaning

Process of Dry Cleaning

The carpet dry cleaning includes the pre-vacuuming of the carpet for removing the dry soil. The pre-vacuum should also be performed before going for steam cleaning. When the dry soil becomes wet it is turned to be mud and becomes hard to get extracted. Your carpet is then treated by the carpet dry cleaning method, which is the combination of the solvents of dry cleaning carried inside the water. This solution helps in breaking the oil residue that holds the dirt of the carpet fibers so that the stains, as well as the soil, can be removed easily.  

In the next step, the cotton absorbent pads are immersed in the hot water with the conditioning rinse and placing the carpet under the rotator machine (such as modified high-speed floor polisher). The pads then, spin around the carpet on high speed and the dirt is released from the carpet on the padding. These pads have also continuously changed in the cleaning process.

Process of Vacuum Steam Cleaning

The vacuum steam cleaning or the hot water extraction cleaning works by the injection of the hot water in the carpet fibers with high pressure and the water is extracted out from the carpet. When the water gets extracted from the carpet, the dirt as well as solving will also be extracted with the water for cleaning the carpet. The effective steam vacuum cleaners will also pre-treat the stains from removing them with the ideal cleaning agents by using the pre-spray for breaking down the tension of the carpet surface. This will also allow the water to get penetrated deep inside the fibers of the Carpet Cleaning Melbourne before the extraction process is started actually.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Choose the Ideal Procedure for Cleaning Your Carpets

These two are the methods that are most recommended by the experts of the Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning for the Carpet Cleaning in Perth. These can help your carpet to get the new and enhanced look with the better functioning. In addition, these both have been listed as the safest methods used for cleaning the carpets without even causing any harm to the environment of your house. In any case, if you have pets and children then the best option for you would be the dry and vacuum cleaning by the help of our experts.

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