What Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Professional?

Carpet cleaning firms are petty particular regarding the methods they choose for various carpets. Based on the fabric of the carpet, the dirtiness of the product and its length to serve, the carpet cleaning companies will be using various kinds of carpet cleaning mechanism. Their products, along with the working mechanism will be completely different from basic vacuuming that you do at home. So, make sure to learn more about the carpet cleaning methods that the professionals use for providing you with the best result.

  • Hot water extraction:

Primarily termed as steam carpet cleaning, this method will always use high hot water pressure to agitate the fibre of the carpet and dissolve dirt from within. This extraction method mainly involves the application of the present cleaning agent on the soiled portion. Then, it is followed by the agitation or carpet with the help of a brush, and lastly by rinsing.

The cleaning agent takes some time to settle within the carpet, after which, the product gets washed by the present carpet cleaning equipment for rinsing out the cleaning agent in a thorough manner. Later, the carpet will be left to dry in any AC temperature.

  • Dry foam cleaning method:

This present form of carpet cleaning Bayswater method relies a lot on the brushing action. These brushes mainly work in a counter-rotating mechanism, and the styles of the brushes are different too. The solution over here is whipped into foam and will be applied straight before brushes in place of liquid as in shampooing.

  • Carpet shampooing:

Another interesting and professional way to clean the carpet is through the shampooing method. This form of method is used for cleaning those carpets, which are heavily soiled. The only disadvantage of this method is that it might leave a larger amount of wet foam residues within the carpet. So, the drying time is pretty long, to say the least. The shampooing residue will dry up and become sticky as there’s no washing taking place after shampooing. So, the residues might re-solidify within the carpet. Therefore, this method is not quite popular among professionals.

  • Encapsulation cleaning:

Another carpet cleaning Dandenong method as followed by professionals is encapsulation cleaning. Here, the carpet will be vacuumed first before applying the encapsulating chemical. Later, the carpet will be placed within a rotary agitation machine, which will help the chemical to isolate dirt on the carpet. Later, this isolated dirt will be vacuumed. This is a repetitive process, which will take place daily for a whole long week.

  • Bonnet or dry cleaning:

Popularly known as dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning is pretty similar to encapsulation. The only difference is that self-neutralizing detergent will be seen used instead of the encapsulation chemical. Other than that, instead of vacuuming dirt out after the carpet goes through the agitation machine, this form of bonnet or dry cleaning will involve pad-drying. It will help in absorbing the dirt.

These are some of the best carpet steam cleaning methods, which the professionals plan to use. Among the lot, shampooing is the least used one because of the reasons already mentioned. Depending on the current condition of the carpet, the cleaning mechanism will vary. Let the experts handle it for you as they have better hold over the mechanism and a better understanding of your carpet, for sure.

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