Why are Millennials leaving Miami?

Why are millennials leaving Miami has been a relatively common question - until now. Read on to find out what is driving young people away.

Why are Millennials leaving Miami?

A study has shown that Miami ranks fifth in the United States of America regarding the number of people deciding to leave. Most of them are millennials aging from 25 to 39. Only during this year, 2020, approximately 6,368 people have left Miami, while only 2,736 moved in. So, what is going on? Why are so many millennials leaving Miami? Well, to find out the answer to that question, you will have to keep on reading.

The Economy Is Far from Booming

Maybe one of the biggest reasons why so many millennials are leaving Miami is the economy. Believe it or not, but the unemployment rate is currently 13.00%, which is a lot, especially compared to the national average at 6.22%. The worst part is - the situation is becoming worse year after year, and it is expected that even more people will lose their jobs in the following years. On top of that, those who do manage to keep their jobs will definitely be affected by a salary decrease sooner or later.

No wonder so many millennials are leaving Miami - they either lost their jobs or their salaries lowered, making it impossible to survive. It is also worth mentioning that Industries, like tourism, finance, media, and telecommunication, are still going strong. But, industries like healthcare, education, and agriculture are the ones suffering the most.

A stressed-out man.Many Millennials are leaving Miami as finding a job became a mission impossible

The Real Estate Market is Not for Everyone

Not having a job or having one that does not pay well combined with a high standard of living seems like a nightmare. And, for many millennials, it is exactly that. Even the most essential things like utilities, groceries, and gas are costly. However, the thing that breaks the budget the most is the real estate market. The prices of renting/buying a home are exceedingly above the national average. For example, if you want to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Miami, you will have to spare around $1,478. And, if you're going to buy a home (a smaller family home, for instance), you will need around $364,074.

Of course, the real estate prices are high as Miami is a famous metropolitan city. But, only the wealthiest can afford to live there now. Well, to live there comfortably. The others are barely making ends meet. Therefore, many millennials decide to call Miami Movers for Less or other moving companies and relocate somewhere where rents are cheaper and salaries higher.

Tourists Are Everywhere

While things like a bad economy and an expensive real estate market are the ones that will force a person to move, there are other (smaller) things that can do that too. For instance - a 'swarm' of tourists. It is simple; Miami has always been one of the most favorite tourist places in the entire United States of America. People come here to enjoy the nice weather, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches, take part in one of the craziest party scenes in the entire world, etc. It is, according to many, the best travel destination for families, students, and seniors. 

Although those things are great for tourism and can improve the city's economy, they are also making locals' lives impossible. Beaches, streets, malls, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants - are always full of tourists. Moreover, all of these tourists not only cause crowds on the sidewalks but on the streets as well. Traffic jams do not only occur during rush hour but the entire day. All of these things, and many more, are making daily activities impossible; so, who can blame anyone for leaving?

A significant number of tourists are a typical sight in Miami.

The Weather Can Easily Turn into a Nightmare

One of the reasons why so many people love Miami, and Florida in general, is the weather. It is always warm there. Although this may seem like heaven to you, people from Miami do not see it as such. Yes, it is always warm, but warm here means hot. Scorching hot! And, there is never a break from all that heat; it is there, every day, 24/7.

However, we would be lying if we said that weather conditions never change. They do. But, unfortunately, they do not change for the good. When the change happens, it goes from really hot to really humid to a hurricane. And, hurricanes here are a big deal as they cause a lot of damage. Moreover, dangerous tropical storms follow the hurricane season, and they can last from May till October. This is a very stressful period for most people.

The sun.While tourists love the weather in Miami, locals are getting tired of it

Some Animals Are Hard to Get Used to

Last but definitely not the least reason why so many millennials are leaving Miami are some animals. No matter how much they tried, they cannot learn to cohabitate with them. And, no, we are not overreacting when we say that you can find a crocodile in your backyard or a snake in your living room. These animals are native here; it is their home too! But for some, this fact is just impossible to get used to.  

However, while snakes and crocodiles are not that common, lizards and cockroaches are. You will find these everywhere - in your kitchen cabinets, in your shower, and even in your bed. And, in most cases, pest control will not last long. This, by itself, is a reason enough to leave Miami. 


If you have asked yourself “Why are millennials leaving Miami?” we believe you have got your answer. As you can see, the reasons are manyfold, so they relatively easily decide to hire professionals to relocate out of the city without stress and start their new life someplace safer, cheaper, and more peaceful.

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