What are the Causes of a Leaking Roof?

What are the Causes of a Leaking Roof?

A roof leak is a significant problem that can cause considerable damage to your house. Roof leaks lead to structural damage that includes damage to the attics, walls and ceilings. Further, they may affect the health of your family. Water intrusion may lead to forming of mould and mildew all over the place. On top of that, if water finds its way to electrical wiring, it may lead to a more severe issue of fire hazard. 

For these reasons, it’s best to get your water damaged roofs repaired through roof restoration Melbourne experts. They can handle your roof repairs through thorough inspections followed by necessary steps to fix it. But first, you will have to determine the causes of your roof leaks.

Here, we state some of the common causes of roof leaks.

  • Age of the roof

The age of the roof is one of the critical factors that help to analyse the condition of the roof. Over time, roofing material weakens due to its exposure to harsh weather and direct sunlight. It leads to deterioration of the roof, making it easier for water to seep in. It is best if you get your ageing roof repaired immediately and regularly to extend its life. 

  • Broken or missing shingles/tiles

With climatic extremities, your roof shingles/tiles may break or get blown away. Post heavy rains or storms, it is necessary that you inspect your roof for it's broken or missing shingles. By visual inspection, you find the shingles/tiles missing or broken, get the help of roof repairs Melbourne team. They will provide you with some of the best roofing solutions. 

  • Flashing Failure

Flashing is a thin metal sheet, mostly galvanised sheet, installed in critical parts of the roof, for example, where the roof face meets a vertical wall that makes up the second storey of your house. Flashing is usually secure. 

A metal roof is nailed to both the wall and the roof. One of the problems with metal roofs is that steel expands and shrinks as per the temperature. Thus, the roof becomes deformed, creating a gap for water for entering. Therefore, warped flashing needs to be replaced. 

  • Valley Damage

A valley is an inside channel where two roof faces meet. This area is vulnerable for the roof as it acts as a channel for rainwater to sneak in. Take the help of a professional to get your valley inspected. 

  • Stuffed Gutters

Water will find its way if not through clogged gutters. Gutters often get clogged up with leaves and debris, not letting the rainwater to pass. This leads to pooling of water on the roofs, increasing the weight on the attics. To prevent water flowing to the vulnerable places, you must get your roof gutters cleaned regularly. It will enable the smooth flow of water.

  • Improper Room Ventilation

Improper ventilation in rooms with a high amount of moisture can cause serious issues over time. Places in the house like kitchen, bathroom and sunrooms must have proper ventilation to avoid moisture that may motivate the formation of mould or mildew.

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