What Do You Need To Know Before Buying Cycling Jersey?

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying Cycling Jersey?

Cycling is a great exercise; it not only keeps you physically fit but also gives a fun ride. There are various reasons why many people prefer cycling, could be for recreation or  and relaxation. Alongwith good shoes and a fitness band, a cycling jersey is an essential part for cycling enthusiasts. Apart from readymade cycling jerseys, many stores offer designer cycling jerseys. For customising cycling jerseys, options like Long sleeve cycling jerseys or short sleeve, its colour and fabric, length and style can be tailored according to your requirement.

Few tips on choosing a cycling jersey

Deciding on choosing a jersey can be a bit confusing. As there are amples of option available with different fabrics and price ranges. Here are a few tips on choosing a cycling jersey.

1- Fabric

For any sports, the fabric is the important thing that must be taken into consideration for comfort. In most cases, cycling jerseys are made from variations of cotton and other premium fabrics. But choosing cheap fabric for cycling jerseys might be extremely uncomfortable as it soaks up moisture and keeps it near your body while riding. Good quality fabrics provide breathability and help to pull the moisture so that you don't feel cold and wet after sweating.

Choose a fabric that maintains body temperature, improves breathability and provides protection from harmful UV rays.

2- Fit

You might opt for the jersey that may be a little baggy so that you may feel comfortable. But better the fit, the less wind drag you while in motion. The flapping jerseys may slow you down and on long rides may zap some of your energy. Make sure that jersey you select is long enough so that you don't have to keep pulling it down while riding. The best type of designs for jerseys are short in the front side and long from the backside to get adequate coverage while bending and riding. Thinking of the sleeves, long sleeves help during colder seasons while you can opt for short sleeves during summers.

3- Colour and design

You can choose the colour and design based on your personality. With any colour of jersey, the black colour of shorts will make it a perfect match.

4- Other consideration  

You can even customise it with zippers as you can lower them or raise them as they provide the right amount of ventilation to your body. You can look for the jerseys that feature rear pockets with either zipper or elastic. A couple of pockets in a jersey can help you keep a few important items like keys, cell phones and energy bars while you are riding.

Meanwhile, if you are considering cycling at night, it is important to make yourself visible for passing cars and other vehicles

How do you size your cycling jersey?

Many people are often confused about how tight a jersey and shorts should be. In many ways, it’s a matter of personal choice according to the comfort level one wants.  Cycling jersey sizing depends on the body measurements and you can choose according to your body shape and fit-form requirements. For men and women, sizing is available from 2XS to 2XL according to body measurements and type of fit you want to opt for like chest fit, sleeve fit and waist fit.

If you want to purchase it online, you can visit Sub4 which is a sporting brand offering customise teamwear options and delivering worldwide with sustainable sourcing and pedestrians. Investing in jerseys that feature a reflective band can be a great way for safety.



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