Toilet Safety Tips You Need To Know

Toilet Safety Tips You Need To Know

How dangerous is your bathroom? Your toilet is the place where most of the home accidents happen. Most of the injuries in the bathroom cause falling. So, it can fracture a limb, dislocated part of the body, sprain or even some more harmful ones. 

Your toilet is most hazardous for kids and elders especially. You must take some toilet safety tips into consideration. These tips will make your bathroom a much safer place for everyone at your home if you hire the best plumber in Pymble

  1. Install Grab Bars

Try to install grab bars near your toilet. These must be installed at the shortest distance possible and at a suitable height. Most of the bathroom accidents occur in the process of sitting and standing on the toilet. These grab bars can make the process very easy and safe for everybody from kids to elders. 

  1. Keep Mats 

Try keeping maths with rubber backing right in front of the commode to avoid any accidents by slipping while trying to stand up. Slippery surfaces raise the chance of any risks. Elders with weak balance often slip during using the commode. These mats will minimise those chances. 

  1. Have Enough Lighting

Your bathroom is the place that should never be deprived of lighting. There must be enough lighting for anybody to see the crystal clearly. You don't want your people hitting buckets or tubs and falling on the tiles. Well, we all know how hazardous that is. Visibility is the most important safety factor in a bathroom.

  1. Install Toilet Safety Rails

If you are overweight, you have a leg or back problem or if there are elders in your home, it is best that you install safety rails on both the sides of your toilet. It makes it very easy to sit and stand up while using the toilet. You can also choose to use raised toilet seats. Raised toilet seats also reduce the distance and effort while sitting on the toilet seat.

  1. Always Keep Your Bathroom Dry

Slippery floors invite accidents. Make a habit to wipe the floor clean right after you bathe, turn the small fan if you have or leave the doors open for your bathroom to dry. This is a small tip but it can save you and your loved ones from slipping and falling. 

  1. Take Care of Appliances and Plug Points

If you use appliances such as dryers and straighteners, remove them from the bathroom right after using. Don't take any risks by keeping them plugged in. Also, your plug points should never be wet. If by chance they come into contact with water, do not touch them and call for an electrician. Make sure your plug points stay maintained. 

  1. Mend Leaks

If your flush tank by any chance is leaking, get it fixed. The same applies to any other leaks. Always remember that a wet and slippery floor is your enemy. Taking small fixes into consideration can save money as well as your health.

If these tips are not helpful than you can also hire toilet plumbers for plumbing issues.

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