7 Essential Kitchen Renovations Tips

Looking for kitchen renovations in Melbourne? Here are 7 top tips to design or renovate your super functional and stylish kitchen on budget.

7 Essential Kitchen Renovations Tips

It’s paramount to balance leading-edge interior designs with convenience and practicality for home renovation projects. Whether you are performing a DIY kitchen renovations project or hiring a professional kitchen designer in Melbourne, the seven essential kitchen renovation tips mentioned below can breathe new life into any space and make it super functional and stylish.

Assigning a Practical Budget

Never start a renovation project without assigning a feasible budget. An open-ended budget can lead to unwanted expenditure and uncontrollable costs. Thus, it’s vital to have a rough estimation in place for your kitchen renovation project even before commencing the kitchen design process. Your budget will help you decide the design features you can include.

  • Do your research and make a list of possible expenses.
  • Once you have a ballpark estimate in place for the kitchen renovation project, assign a small portion for unforeseen expenditure.
  • And as the project advances, you may want to add or alter some elements and a contingency fund lets you achieve these things.

Kitchen Benchtop

Benchtops make a vital part of any kitchen, as all the work performed on it, be it food preparation, cooking, or washing veggies, fruits, meat, and utensils. It makes sense to invest in high-quality natural stone benchtop material such as granite. Granite is easy to clean, functional, durable, and long-lasting. If you cannot afford granite, you can look at some other sturdy and dependable benchtop material such as quartz stone, marble, and porcelain sintered stone. Besides, laminate benchtops are ideal for kitchen renovations on a budget.

Give Prominence to Safety

The kitchen is a more vulnerable place than any other area of your home - that’s because gas and electric fuel used in the area for cooking and refrigerator runs continuously. Other kitchen appliances used, time to time including toasters and grillers, mixer, etc. It’s paramount to design your kitchen with safety in mind. Thus, a plan for appropriate smoke alarms, ventilation, and adequate space to walk in the kitchen layout required.

Other safety guidelines include keeping electricity switches away from water sources, having rounded corners for your table-tops, and using non-slippery tiles or slip-resistant mats.

Design Your Kitchen per Your Cooking Habits

Every household is different, and the same applies to the kitchen. It is vital to design your kitchen layout and equip it the way you want for your utmost convenience. The key is to plan the kitchen layout around your cooking habits to get the features you want and avoid features you don’t need.

Design Cooking Stations Ergonomically

Design the cooking areas ergonomically to comfortably prepare your meals and complete other kitchen chores like washing vegetables, fruits, meat, and dishes effortlessly. Every feature inside your kitchen should have easy access, be it plating up meals, reaching for appliances, or getting accessories handy. Having a customised counter height, pull-down shelves, and pull-out drawers can minimise any physical restraints in the kitchen and make cooking effortless and safer.

Efficient Kitchen Cabinets for Storage

Whether you’re living alone or with family, preparing a meal for one or ten people, in the end, everything needs putting away, which is a tedious task. Therefore, it’s vital to have ample kitchen cabinets for storage, which will help to keep all your appliances, utensils, dishes, etc. in order.

Do you want to have an open storage plan with easy access to all your crockery or want to keep things concealed inside drawers and cupboards? Well, using the right storage solution, you can keep your kitchen free from all clutter.


A well-lit kitchen workspace will help you to prepare your meals conveniently. Install colour-changing LED lights if you want to add more fun elements to your kitchen. Besides, you can add accent lights inside the cabinets. Having appropriate lighting in place will radically impact your kitchen.

If you are looking for kitchen renovations in Melbourne, get in touch with a reliable company for the best results.

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