WHO and the government has been monitoring the growth rate of COViD-19 and its impact on the country and all over the world.


WHO and the government has been monitoring the growth rate of COViD-19 and its impact on the country and all over the world. Home Cleaning Sydney prioritizes the safety and health of the consumers during this crucial period. While the situation regarding the virus is not in our control and cannot understand the unpredictability of COVID-19 we are taking necessary measures to reduce the spread of this disease. We are now working with caution in our daily operations and taking necessary precautionary measures as per the Govt and WHO.

Home Cleaning Services

  1. Additionally, we strictly follow: Washing hands with a bar of soap for 20 seconds

  2. Sanitizing the hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer if the soap is unavailable

  3. Maintaining a social distancing of 6 feet from people

  4. Sanitizing surfaces

  5. Wearing a mask and gloves

  6. Sneezing or coughing with a tissue and throwing it in the trash

  7. Staying home if sick.

For our clients who need us to do more, we request them to call us and give a heads up in advance if they need us to take further more anticipation. We are acting by the spread of Coronavirus and promise to continue to do so.

Our several years of experience have been to provide you a clean home and it continues to be our top priority.


  • We begin by sanitizing the doorknobs, gates, latches, doors, bathroom surfaces, and other areas that are frequently touched with a sanitizing solution. 

  • We clean the house premises using disinfecting products that are environmentally safe and follow cleaning processes specific to the cause. We use microfiber mops for mopping that has reduced 99 % of bacterial growth in houses.

  • Our team members switch out all clothes used for cleaning and mop heads when switching homes and are laundered before usage.

  • Our teams continue to wash hands with an antibacterial soap cleanser and sanitize in between the cleaning method for safety objectives.

  • We are working on the updates given by the National, State, and local health agencies and are strictly following the administration guidelines and public health officials.

Come and let us work together in keeping a clean house.

Why you should hire us?

  • We are offering customized residence home cleaning plans that are without contracts. The preferences of every family vary and that is why we have decided to include your specific request in our plans. To update your cleaning plans, simply call us on 1300 70 80 24.

  • We are adequately equipped every time we come by for service. We work according to your schedule and decision to make sure all your needs are taken care of and we provide you a clean, germ-free home.

  • COVID 19 requires us to take extra precautions with our equipment after every house is cleaned and sanitized. We understand the value of equipment hygiene. After every use it is cleaned thoroughly, cleaning cloths, mops, sponges, brushes are hygienically cleaned to avoid cross-contamination. We put them in the washing machine to clean them as they are contaminated with germs, microbes, bacteria, and viruses while cleaning dirty surfaces.

  • Our house cleaning service uses a high-quality microfiber cloth to clean surfaces. They are fine and absorb better. It is better when compared to a cotton cloth as using the latter with detergent to wipe a surface simply moves organisms from one place to another including the hands of the cleaner.

  • We have different color cloths for cleaning different things so that proper hygiene is maintained and cross-contamination can be avoided.

  • When you request House Cleaning in Sydney you can rest assured that you are leaving your house in the hands of people who care about your home. We pay consideration to every little detail mentioned, maintain open communication, and show our complete commitment to our customers.

  • Our pricing varies depending upon the customization you ask for and your requirements. We do our best to make our services affordable for our Customers. Our budget continues to be flexible aiming at making it a positive and satisfying experience for our customers.

  • We promise to provide you with peace of mind. Our customers are the happiest when their house cleaners are from House Cleaning Sydney. All our members undergo mandatory training and are insured to keep you protected.

  • Our customer service is open all day. This is offered so that if you are unhappy with any of our services we are available 24 hours for you. We take customer happiness very seriously and promise to resolve the issue at no additional cost.

We have a reputation and prominence in the house cleaning sector in Sydney as we are flexible, trustworthy, and affordable. It is a great feeling to come to a clean home and when performing our services, people will notice. We ensure that you will feel proud of your home and our capacity where we accommodate all your needs. Hire us and you will never regret it.

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