What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Carpet Cleaned?

Here are the 10 reasons why you must call Carpet Cleaner Sydney now.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Carpet Cleaned?

Do you know what is hiding under the carpet fibers? One major cause of sickness in homes are dirty carpets. The IIRC states that there are several benefits of clean, maintained carpets at home. Carpets are a preferred choice for home décor because of its shape and comfort. It acts as a great flooring option but is necessary to take proper measures for its cleaning and vacuuming. The best way to maintain this is by hiring professional carpet cleaners between 6 – 18 months depending upon their usage.

Most of you must have heard about this but are not knowledgeable of the way it benefits.

These are the benefits:-

  • It leaves you with a fresh home.
  • The carpets feel fresh and smell good.
  • It is safer for older people and children.
  • It leaves a good impression on visitors.


Here are the 10 reasons why you must call Carpet Cleaner Sydney now.

Extends the carpet life

Carpets are an investment and the best way to make it look fresh for years is by getting it cleaned by professionals. The extraction method increases the life of the carpet and also protects the investment made in floor covering. They use tools that don’t damage the carpets and you can rest assured that they have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Improves air quality

If the carpets are not cleaned at regular intervals they get clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. This compromises the airflow and catches the airborne pollutants. Vacuuming every day doesn’t help to remove all the debris which is why it is important to get it regularly cleaned by carpet cleaning services.

Improves the look

The carpet usually loses its shine with time due to the accumulation of dust and dirt that builds up and flattens the fibers. It gives the carpet a worn out, dull and old look and makes it appear flat irrespective of the padding given underneath. Getting it cleaned by experts prevents the dirt and dust from biting the carpet surface which makes them look better and softer for a longer period.

Easy maintenance

Carpets are much easier to maintain when you hire carpet cleaning services. The dry soils are the reason behind carpet soiling and when cleaned periodically most of these soils get removed with vacuuming.

Improves health

Carpets can give your home an improved look but at the same time, they are home to several bacteria, dust particles, and allergens that are found at home. People prone to asthma or allergies are the first ones to get affected. The contaminants must be removed regularly as it may cause health problems, especially in older people and children. Vacuuming may keep it clean but it will not necessarily remove the dust, dirt, and bacteria. To eliminate those you will require a professional carpet cleaner.

Improves smell

Carpets trap odors. It is more often felt in homes that have pets. The urine and feces of these pets are the toughest stains to remove from the fibers of the carpet. This is where Carpet Cleaners Sydney comes into play. They have formulas that help to remove the toughest odors and stains from the carpets.

Prevents infections

Hiring professionals for carpet cleaning prevents many problems. One of them is getting rid of mite infestations. Most homeowners aren’t aware of their carpets being infested with dust mites. They are the source of allergens and professional cleaners do the best job at it as they are equipped with the right types of equipment and products.

Carpets are also at risk of developing mold. This is seen more in areas with high humidity. When rain, snow get tracked in the house, it goes deep into the carpet fibers that increase the growth of mold. This is why it is important to get the carpets cleaned routinely.

Extends the warranty of the carpet

Often carpets come with a warranty the makes it mandatory for it to be cleaned via extraction method within a specified period which is in every 12-18 months. This enables us to maintain the carpet’s warranty.

Eliminates chemical contaminants

It has been observed that the recent carpets consist of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that increases respiratory problems as it is released in the air.

Research shows that un-cleaned carpets had traces of biological and chemical contaminants.

Improves morale

Clean dust and odor-free environments improve the morale of workers and homeowners. The work environment is better when it is clean and this includes the carpets.

What do we offer?

  1. Steam carpet cleaning
  2. Steam and dry cleaning for the carpets
  3. Environment-friendly solvent
  4. Give your carpet a new look
  5. We use water wisely during steam cleaning.
  6. No tearing or shrinking of carpets after cleaning.
  7. The allergen-free formula for dusting and cleaning.

Steam Cleaning For Carpets-

We aim to provide the best to our clients in Sydney and this is why we offer a range of solutions. You can choose between the basic steam clean and dry cleaning service to carpet mold removal, stain removal to completely transform your old carpet into a new one.

We offer the latest tools to give your carpets a makeover at an economical cost in Sydney.

Steam cleaning using hot water extraction method-

Our team of professionals uses a hit water extraction pump for hot steam to clean through the layers of the carpet. The steam is made up of non-toxic and environmentally friendly components and later we use a powerful vacuum to extract the water from the layers of the carpets. This process kills all the germs, bacteria and removes dirt from the carpets and gives the carpeted floor a new transformed look.


Stain removal from carpets-

There are instances where the carpet is clean but it has coffee spill stains, pet pee stains that make it look ugly. You can hire us to get rid of the ugly stains that lower down the look of your home.


 We have the tools to remove all kinds of stains-

  • Wine Stain - All love red wine, but we know how hard it is to remove the stain as the color leaves a mark on the thread damaging the carpet. WE have the right solvents that take care of the smell and the stain.


  • Urine stains – Urine stain is made up of chemical components and uric acid that leaves a stain with bad odor. Self-cleaning at home doesn’t work as effectively as our cleaning solution does.


  • Blood Stains- These stains are nasty and become a breeding ground for microbes. We advise cleaning it immediately but to remove the stain professional cleaner services are required.


  • Coffee Stains – Coffee stains are curses for carpets as they become permanent stains. They also leave an unbearable smell after they dry up. The best way to remove it is to wipe it while it’s wet and if it dries up call up our team to get it cleaned professionally.

Process Of Carpet Cleaning

  1. A thorough inspection of the carpet
  2. Dusting and then vacuuming
  3. Using industrial shampoo and solvents to clean the carpet
  4. Attack tough stains individually
  5. Mark and treat the soiled areas
  6. An inspection after a thorough cleaning.

Your home deserves clean dust free carpets. If you’re looking for professionals contact Carpet Cleaning Sydney. Hiring the locals is always a better option as they are aware of the region and carpets used in specific regions. It also helps to have a smooth communication as they understand the language better.


We have been serving in Sydney for years and are a highly rated company. We have experience of working with thousands of companies and homes. There is nothing on the carpets we can’t clean and restore it to its original condition. We have the most courteous staff and offer free consultations with the best service in town.


Let the Carpet Cleaning Sydney professionals help you get your carpets and home back to normal even if there the same day emergency.

We aim at making your home and office space sparkling clean and also maintain a clean environment while doing so.


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