Moving to Canada from Australia: What You Should Know

If you're planning on moving to Canada from Australia, you should read this article to get yourself informed on the details of the process.

Moving to Canada from Australia: What You Should Know

Do you have thoughts about moving to Canada from Australia? The booming economy, beautiful setting, and top-notch educational opportunities make this a desirable choice. For some, Canada represents a chance for a fresh start, while others are drawn here by the promise of employment prospects. Canada is one of the most stunning countries in the world, and its high standard of living makes it nearly impossible to ignore.

You might be wondering how to get started with this project. You'll have a lot of things to do around here. You'll need to arrange a visa and figure out how to ship your belongings before you can go. Knowing what to expect during a move from Australia to Canada is crucial. 

What sort of visa do Australians need to enter Canada?

As we mentioned before, the answer is yes. If you are an Australian citizen planning to visit Canada for less than six months and have no intention of working there, you will need a visa. But things aren't as simple as they seem, and Australia's visa differs from Canadian's. You may need a specific type of Canadian visa, depending on your travel plans.

  • The student visa. In case you are studying at a Canadian university. 

  • Temporary worker visa. To encourage young people to come to Canada and stay for up to two years.

  • Worker with expertise. The process is more complex than it first appears. Still, you may be eligible if you have the potential to make a significant contribution to the Canadian economy and labour force.

This is merely a sample of the options available to you. Australians interested in visiting Canada should visit the relevant government website and fill out the appropriate qualifying form to discover more about the country's visa requirements.

Express Entry

Permanently moving to Canada from Australia could be done through Express Entry. Applications submitted using Express Entry, an immigration selection system, are often processed and finalized within six months. Hiring a migration agent can also make the process easier. By using Express Entry, Australians thinking about relocating to Canada can shorten the time it takes from considering a move to becoming a permanent resident to under a year. Furthermore, Australian citizens typically have a high chance of being invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence through Express Entry. Primarily due to their strong language skills, the possibility of obtaining professional work experience, and the higher education they may have completed earlier in life.

What kind of taxes can I expect to pay as an Australian living in Canada?

If you're moving to Canada from Australia, this might be an extremely challenging problem to tackle. Being aware of your residency status is required. People who live in a country are subject to different tax laws than those who visit there. If you have deep ties to Canada and living there is part of your routine, you will be considered a resident. Such things as a spouse, children, and homeownership are all included.

You might be able to avoid paying taxes twice if you have a presence in both Canada and Australia. In this way, your earnings will not be subject to taxation more than once. In addition, you can file for a tax refund even if you leave the country in the middle of the fiscal year.

Progressive taxation exists in Canada. Therefore, the more you make, the more you'll have to pay. You must file federal and provincial tax returns. Thus, costs will change depending on where you are.


Costs of housing and rent

Canada, like many other industrialized nations, has significant regional disparities in housing costs. Prices in urban places are often greater than those in more remote locations. However, according to experts from, real estate is often more inexpensive in the United States than in Australia, with a typical city centre apartment costing 30–40% less than it would in Australia. Keep in mind that the cost of living in Canada may be greater than in the United States.

Renting is feasible in some of the world's most costly cities. Renting is far more cost-effective than owning in both Toronto and Vancouver. It typically offers a higher quality of life due to its closeness to the booming downtown regions. You may find lovely residences in Ottawa and Montreal at a reasonable price. 

Job prospects

Canada's major urban centres, including Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, and Calgary, have robust job markets. Knowledge of French will always put you ahead of the competition for jobs. However, if you do, you can look for work in Quebec, where demand is high for English-French bilingual workers. Furthermore, Canada's natural resource wealth makes it an attractive location for anyone seeking employment in the energy sector.

Opportunities in the financial and commercial sectors can be found in Toronto, while digital innovation is flourishing in Ontario. There are many reasons to settle down in Ontario, mainly because there are great opportunities here. Canada maintains a list of high-demand occupations so that you may see what sectors are actively seeking workers. 

Your application for a work visa may be processed more quickly if you include your field of expertise on the approved list. Human resources management, judicial reporting, and even entrepreneurship professionals are needed. Canada is home to many people who work long hours, but the country's innovative childcare services and abundance of paid holidays help ease the burden.


Together with the United States, Canada is one of North America's two most advanced countries. Migrants to Canada have been on the rise in recent years. Still, many have no idea how to get there.

If you're Aussie thinking about moving to Canada, you have a lot of opportunities to choose from. Depending on the circumstances, you may apply for various migration types: work visas, business visas, family visas, or student visas. Moving to Canada from Australia is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour.

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