Australia is ready to win the obstacles of COVID-19. And this is made possible with the inclusion of technical advancements, with the help of top mobile app development company in Australia.


Following the formula of Singapore, now Australia is ready to win the obstacles of COVID-19. And this is made possible with the inclusion of technical advancements, with the help of top mobile app development company in Australia.

Australia's Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has shown his keen interest in using Singapore's coronavirus contact-tracing app, TraceTogether.

And Australia has received the codes from Singapore to start using the app more aggressively.

Lately, there had been a discussion of users’ acceptability of it, but considering the benefits it has got to offer, it has become an ideal choice to use the app.

What is all about the TraceTogether app?

The TraceTogether app captures the Bluetooth signals to detect other mobile devices in the vicinity, and further them to identify, who are in close contact when needed. 

With the help of this app, users can estimate the distance between TraceTogether smartphones as well as the duration of such interactions.

Further, it allows the users to trace within two meters of each other for more than 30 minutes. The other mechanism of the app captures, encrypts, and stores data on the user's phone for 21 days. And this is the duration of the incubation period of the virus as well. 

Who is behind TraceTogether?

TraceTogether is built on the BlueTrace protocol and is designed by the Government Digital Services team at the Government Technology Agency of Singapore.

To help the world grow resistant to the virus, last month only, the Singapore government had announced to open-source the app.

Further Singaporean Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Programme Office initiative Vivian Balakrishnan stated: "GovTech Singapore is now working around the clock to finalize our protocol reference documents and reference implementation, so that others may deploy their own flavors of TraceTogether -- each implementing the BlueTrace protocol, we believe that making our code available to the world will enhance trust and collaboration in dealing with a global threat that does not respect boundaries, political systems or economies."

TraceTogether has more than 1 million users. 

Australians are supporting to track COVID-19

The Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, addressed media and stated that for the full-functioning of the app, it is much necessary to gain the confidence of the public.

He further said, "The tracking app will only work if there is very widespread uptake on the part of the public so that a very high proportion of Australians are prepared to put this app on their phone." 

"The government's record in this area is not a good one. They haven't proved able to build confidence, for example, in My Health Record, the electronic preservation of Australia's health records and throughout this crisis, I'd have to say the government has not proved very good at taking Australians into their confidence.

"It will need to do a great deal better on this tracking app because I say again, it's not going to work unless Australians have trust, have confidence, that their privacy is going to be protected if they upload this app onto their phone."

Final thought

As per the latest technical updates received at Techugo- a top mobile app development company in Australia, till 15th April,2020 Australia has conducted more than 33,500 tests.

However, to help you get the latest updates and the advancements in technology for COVID-19, we shall keep you posted.

Keep watching this space and stay tuned.

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