The Problem of Responsibility

Responsibility is an important aspect of the formation and development of any personality.

The Problem of Responsibility

Responsibility is an important aspect of the formation and development of any personality. Under responsibility, specialists understand the conscious fulfillment of the requirements that apply to a person. The implementation of specific tasks occurs through a volitional effort, deliberately focusing on the result of a particular activity. A responsible person is always worried about the consequences of decisions made and is guided in his or her work by a rational approach. No matter how the external conditions develop, a person who assumes full responsibility for what is happening will always act for the good of the situation, buy a dissertation conclusion writing service.

The Concept of Responsibility

The concept of responsibility is familiar to each of us from childhood. Parents always strive to teach their child the correct behavior in the society, so they try to inculcate in him or her the rules of decent behavior from a very early age. We live in the society, and we are forced to contact it daily. Responsibility, which is assigned to each of the interaction participants, is individual and specific in its own way. For example, if a student has not prepared his or her homework, he or she must understand that the result of a bad action may be a bad grade. The concept of responsibility includes several components.

Personal Responsibility

It is understood as following individual settings, the implementation of plans and aspirations. In this case, the person determines what he or she will be responsible for, what exactly the task consists in. Personal responsibility can also be expressed in the fact that a person assumes a certain role in the society and sets a goal that he or she intends to achieve in a timely manner. In this case, the person is personally responsible for taking actions to improve or develop a particular situation.

Collective Responsibility

This type of responsibility implies that a separate individual is included in the public system. An individual is a link in a huge chain, which creates a movement towards the chosen goal. Collective responsibility imposes equal rights and obligations on each member of the society. The specific personality becomes the operating mechanism in such a system. Here it is possible to erase the boundaries between the individuality of its participants since the effectiveness of the efforts made for socially useful work comes to the fore.

The Formation of Responsibility

Each person gets into the team from an early age. We are taught that we cannot live outside of the society from childhood. Sometimes it becomes especially dangerous to have your own opinion if it goes against the principles of public morality. When people enter a society, from the very beginning, they learn to live by its rules, gradually finding out what is good and what is bad. The behavior of the individual changes. He or she can no longer behave as freely as it used to be but is forced to adapt to the demands of the collective, to assume the appropriate role. Responsibility, in this case, means to adapt to the society and not to lose your individuality.

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