A Deep Dive into the World of Pool Design: Exploring Styles and Options

Embrace the voyage of planning your pool and let your home improvement journey be as enjoyable as the destination.

A Deep Dive into the World of Pool Design: Exploring Styles and Options


Are you contemplating adding a pool to your home but feeling a little lost in the whirlpool of options out there? Ever dreamt of an expanse of sparkling blue in your backyard but not quite sure how to shape that dream? Or perhaps you have an existing pool that's due for a makeover to transition from drab to fab? Today, we will navigate the vast sea of pool designs, focusing on the myriad styles and options pool builders offer. We shall embark on a journey, diving deep into the aesthetic and functional decisions that define and differentiate one pool from another. Let's unfurl the canvas of creativity to paint your swims cape dream into amazing reality!

A pool is more than a water-filled rectangle surrounded by concrete. It’s a reflection of your personality, style, and your home's overall aesthetic. The ability to match these elements with a customised shape, style, and choice of materials sets the pool builders' work apart. We’ll explore these variables in depth, enlightening you about the nuances of pool building, ultimately extracting the essence of your vision, and providing a stepping stone towards making the right choices.

In this post, we shed light on varying styles, materials and construction methods adopted by pool builders, while also touching upon the latest trends in pool design. We will also examine the pros and cons of each style, offering you a holistic understanding of your choices, aiding you in seeking out that perfect oasis.

Decoding The Styles: Traditional Vs. Modern-

To begin, let's split the pool universe into two primary categories: traditional and modern. Traditional pools are all about classic shapes - think rectangles, ovals, or kidney styles. Their timeless elegance resonates with the aesthetics of conventional homes. The outlining embellishments usually include brick or stone coping, matched with surrounding traditional landscaping.

Modern pools, on the other hand, are typified by geometric precision, minimalist design, and sharper lines. They sport more avant-garde features such as vanishing edges and artificial waterfalls. Coupled with sleek decking options like glass tiles or travertine, modern pools scream sophistication and are the perfect complement to contemporary architectural styles.


Material Matters: Concrete, Fiberglass Or Vinyl?

Moving onto the structural components, pool builders primarily offer three choices: concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. Concrete is the old-school favorite, known for its longevity and customization options. Be warned, though; it is also the most expensive and needs more maintenance.

Fiberglass pools come in pre-exhilarating shapes and sizes, making them easy and fast to install. However, these are somewhat limited in terms of customization. Vinyl, the most budget-friendly of the lot, offers a middle ground and promises a smooth surface, but beware of potential punctures!

Swim 'N Chic: Hot Pool Design Trends-

For those desiring to stay au courant with their design choices, current trends lean towards swim-up bars, infinity pools, and LED lighting. Baja shelves, or shallow sunning areas, trending in warmer climates, while spas remain an all-time favorite.

Going Green: Eco-Friendly Pool Solutions-

There is an increasing shift towards eco-friendly pool solutions. Natural pools, which use plants and natural filtration systems instead of chemicals, are gaining traction. Solar-heated pools and those using UV or ozone systems for sanitation also reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Why Hire a Professional Pool Builder?

It can be tempting to undertake pool building as a DIY project. However, professional pool builders come equipped with technical knowledge, aesthetics, resources, and experience to deliver quality results. They provide invaluable guidance from design to execution and ensure adherence to building codes and regulations.

Investing In Pool Landscaping-

Never underestimate the impact of good pool landscaping. It uplifts the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. Plan for a harmonious transition from the pool to its surroundings, incorporating elements like patios, decks, BBQ areas, and greenery.


Today, we have significantly expanded on the course of pool design, discussing various styles - traditional to modern, construction materials, trending design features, and the importance of professional builders and landscaping. The choices may seem endless but remember, understanding and evaluating these will ultimately help you envision your dream pool.

Making conscious decisions about inviting a pool into your living space needs considerable thought and investment. Nonetheless, the unfathomable joy of a sunny afternoon by the poolside with loved ones, or a lazy swim under the stars, makes it all worthwhile. So, jump in, the water is great!

Remember, a pool is not just a home addition; it's a lifestyle transformation. Embrace the voyage of planning your pool and let your home improvement journey be as enjoyable as the destination.

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