Everything To Know About All Over Print Shirt

Look out for fading of the design on the collar, how they incorporate the detailing into the print. A good custom sublimation shirt will look good from all angles and sides.

Everything To Know About All Over Print Shirt

Leggings with crazy prints have been all the rage for a few years. The crazy all over print shirts are now sweeping the market.

Some are ecstatic to have the attention drawn away from their booty and ill-placed hot dog designs up to the relatively safe space of their torso. But, how and when do you wear them? What do you wear them with?

Now that you don’t have to worry about the leaning tower of Pisa appearing in a less than savory location what’s next? We answer all of these questions as we do a deep dive into the exciting world of the custom all over print shirts.

All Over Print Shirts: How Can You Pull It Off?

When deciding whether you are ready to buy an all-over print you should consider a few different things. First off, think about how the print will fall on your body shape.

If you are thinking of buying some amazing all-over print hoodies think about what details will be where when you wear it.

If the print is of a large dogs face where is his tongue? If your print is the abstract face of a woman where is her eye? Sometimes these things are hard to spot without trying it on your body first.

Some all over printing shirts can look amazing on a hangar or in an online store but do weird stuff when on a human body. Not only the details of the print could land strange or be inappropriate. The way it creases and stretches could make it look totally different.

Air on the side of caution with these prints and size up. This will be key to always getting the print to look the way it was intended instead of getting stretch skewed into a weird position.

Wearing these big, especially for ladies, also gives you more personalization options. You can wear a cute coordinating cami and wear it off the shoulder. Add a fun solid belt to break up a busy pattern.

This also allows you to wear your fun custom all over print shirts over all the amazingly comfortable leggings you already have.

Is A Solid Bottom A Must? Can You Pattern Mix?

With the trend of patterns, pattern mixing has become more of a thing in recent years. There are definite rules on how to do it well without looking like a fool.

When you are wearing a bold all-over print most of the time it makes sense to wear a pair of jeans or solid leggings with it. But, what about all the fun and funky leggings you have in your drawer?

The answer is, yes, pattern mixing can look good but here are the rules:

Floral and floral do not go together

Do not wear a floral print top with floral print leggings. It’s not cute. You will be made fun of. The two busy prints will fight against one another even if they are coordinating colors.

It’s best to avoid pattern saturation.

Floral and subtle stripes do go together

You can wear an all-over print-striped shirt with a pair of floral leggings or vice versa and put together a really cute look.

This works incredibly well with thin black and white stripes and a smaller busy floral, or any busy, all-over print.

Super Busy Colorful Prints Paired With Subtle Mono/Duo-Tone Prints

This one can get a little tricky. Depending on the pair of items it can work through.

Say you have a fun crazy pattern with a bunch of different colors. This could go quite well with your black leggings with a dark gray arrow print. Or leopard, which has pretty much become a solid neutral.

The rule of thumb is that a pattern that looks pretty solid from far away will go with a busy print as long as the colors match.

What Makes A Good All Over Print and What Stinks?

Not all prints are created equal. Anytime something starts trending everyone comes out of the woodwork with their version. But, not any fool with a screen-printing set up can pull off good all over print shirts.

There are tons of factors to consider. Are there details on the shirt? Buttons? Zippers? How does the collar interact with the design? How does the shirt lay on the customer? Can the design be understood when enlarged into an allover printing shirts format?

Some of these will be personal taste judgments but there could be really poor craftsmanship in any of these areas.

Before you purchase a shirt really pays attention to these details and how they have been handled. These types of shirts are, for the most part, not cheap and you need to make sure it’s worth the price you’re paying.

Look out for fading of the design on the collar, how they incorporate the detailing into the print. A good custom sublimation shirts will look good from all angles and sides.

So, Is the All Over Print Trend for You?

So, now you know what all over print shirts are, how to wear them fashionably, and what to look for when you are buying.

Is this a trend for you? If you’re someone who enjoys putting color into their wardrobe and standing out from the crowd, definitely. Even if you’re not too keen on standing out there are more subtle designs that you could put your toe in with first.

By pairing a print shirt with a good basic foundation for a pair of jeans, solid leggings, and some classic accessories this trend can work on anyone. Styling these pieces correctly can take some practice and you will get the hang of it eventually.

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