The Online Dating Boom is Here to Stay

Dating apps are in great demand and will continue to remain in the limelight due to their convenience. The convenience of finding a match, the convenience of finding new friends, and whatnot!

The Online Dating Boom is Here to Stay

Let’s face the truth that the pandemic has been a great period for dating apps to flourish. The popularity of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc., has rapidly increased, and individuals are using the service to meet new people. 

Technology has taken a huge toll, and today, every activity has shifted towards a digital approach. Businesses have adopted the mantra- ‘Be where your customers are- ONLINE!’ and they are following the same path to achieve their goals. 

In today’s era, numerous social media platforms  help people connect. However, online dating apps have gained popularity like no other service. While some people use it for fun and finding new friends, others meet their soulmates. 

SOULMATE ON AN APPLICATION? Yes, you’ve heard it right! 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following facts:

  • About 7,500 dating apps are active online.

  • Around 50 million people have an active profile on online dating apps or websites.

  • According to stats, about one-fifth of relationships begin via dating apps.

  • Only about 10% of users uninstall the app after three months of use. 

“Let’s meet for a movie date and then go for coffee.” 

These are the kind of dates everyone has been missing after the pandemic happened. Well, not anymore if you build an opportunity for people to meet and date online. 

HOW? By building an online dating app. 

If you need further insights, keep reading! 

Key Features of a Dating App 

1. Profile Creation

The first step whenever a user visits the app should be to create a profile. The user may enter their credentials and login, or you may offer them the authorization process with their social media help. 

The profile may also collect some additional information, like dating preferences, interests, age, and more, to help users find their perfect match. 

Many dating apps allow users to link their social media profiles, like that of Instagram, to direct the other users to the profile.

2. Integrated Geolocation 

The best part about using online dating apps is to find people nearby, for instance, 100 miles. The user location enables the app to see the proximity within which one must find their match. 

3. Precise Searching 

Most dating apps allow users to limit their search by narrowing their filters. For instance, age, distance, location, etc.

4. Swipe for Match Making 

One of the most important features- approving and disapproving user profiles is a must for dating apps. In simple words, the matchmaking can only happen if both the users have agreed to swipe each other by saying ‘Yes.’ On the other hand, if one user swipes ‘yes,’ while the other don’t, the two users cannot start a conversation on the app. 

5. Private Chat 

Once users match with each other, the next thing they will look for is to start a conversation. Therefore, a private chat feature must be integrated where the users can get to know each other more by talking. 

There’s a long list of features that need to be added to the online dating app, like push-notifications, settings, etc. However, the above-mentioned features must be given priority to grab the user’s attention. 

Cost of an Online Dating App Development 

Oops! Did we bring up the wrong topic? 

Yea, creating a mobile application requires your investment. But think of the profits you’ll reap from one of the most used mobile applications.

So, what will it cost to build an online dating application? 

The answer isn’t confined to estimating the cost, keeping in mind one or two factors. In fact, numerous factors have a tremendous role to play in this. To help you figure out the cost of app development, here are a few factors you need to consider:

  • Complexity involved in app creation

  • Number of features integrated into the app

  • Tech stack used

  • Developer’s location

  • Developer’s cost


Wrapping Up 

No pandemic or distance should limit you from finding your other half. 

Dating apps are in great demand and will continue to remain in the limelight due to their convenience. The convenience of finding a match, the convenience of finding new friends, and whatnot! 

So, did your heart melt and want to be a part of the new dating trends? What are you waiting for? 

Reach out to the top app developers and narrate your idea for further insights. What’s more, you can also integrate new technologies like VR, AI, etc., for an improved user experience. 


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