Hiring Movers 101

Hiring movers is something we worry about and we don't look forward since we fear getting tricked. Follow our advice and worry no more. Happy moving

Hiring Movers 101

Organizing a move can be a very complex process. One of the reasons is because it is actually made up of many different tasks that need to be completed if you want to have a successful relocation. So, everything from packing to making a moving checklist must be a part of your relocation process. One of the most important tasks that you have when organizing a move is hiring movers. Fortunately, there are many great professional moving companies that you can hire to take care of business for you. On the other hand, there are also many scammers and people that have no problem tricking you and taking your money. To avoid being in an undesirable situation when hiring movers, follow our advice.

Request an in-house estimate

Before you hire a company to facilitate your move, you want to have an idea of which services they can offer you and how much it will cost you. The best way to do this is by asking a moving company to do an in-house estimate. This shows that the company is very serious and reliable. Also, it also gives you the best approximate amount of potential costs. Doing an estimate over the phone might be a solution, but not a very reliable one. Once you have engaged a few companies for their estimates, you can compare their offers. This is a great way of hiring movers that will best suit your move.

When hiring movers, make sure they specialize in exactly what you need

One of the reasons why you are hiring movers is because of their expertise in relocating. Let’s face it, anyone can move boxes filled with books and other simple unbreakable items. However, what if you were in need of moving fine art or antique furniture? It takes special knowledge and skills to move such a high-value item. For instance, if you need to relocate your precious piano, you must make sure that the moving company you hire has the right people and the right tools for the job. Recognizing the right professionals for the job is key if you want your valuable property to be relocated in one piece, without any damages.

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Don’t hesitate to ask questions

A great way to get the feel of the land when hiring movers is to ask questions. Naturally, you will have them when preparing for a move. So, when a moving company representative comes to your home to do the in-home estimate, use this time to your advantage. Not only to get the most accurate estimate possible but also to get answers that you need. If your questions are being avoided or dodged, take is as a negative sign. Either the company is unprofessional and doesn’t value customers or there might be a scam on the horizon. Either way, run in the other direction.

Hunt for references

Hiring movers can be a risky business so it is important to ask around for recommendations. You can start with your friends and family who have recently moved. This is the best possible way of getting a reference. First-hand customers and users are an easy way to recognize best rated companies for your move. In case you strike out, that is alright. Do not go into worry mode right away. Checking online for references is also a great idea. You can use apps like Yelp to see what others have to say about your potential movers. If you cannot find a specific company anywhere online, avoid doing business with them.

Check their company info

Ask your potential movers do they have a local office and what is their business address. If they have a PO box as their address, there is a chance that something fishy is going on. Also, other things that you should ask about are their licenses (both state and federal) and insurance. Unless you get a specific and direct answer that checks out, keep looking. Those or not movers that you want to be doing business with.

Have a solid contract in place

Because people are overwhelmed and not thinking straight when planning a move, it happens that they sign blank contracts. Don’t fall into such a trap! When signing a contract everything needs to be black and white. Also, the language of the contract should be crystal clear. This is not rocket science, but a moving contract. So, if you don’t understand something, feel free to question it and ask for an explanation. Only once everything that is agreed upon is placed in the contract should you put your signature on it.

Be prepared to do your due diligence

Hiring professional movers might take some time. Thus, be prepared to do a lot of research and to be patient. Professional relocations are not cheap, but they are worth it. Nevertheless, you want to ensure that the money you spend doesn't go to waste, so buckle down and do the work. This is the only way to be sure you will not get tricked. Happy hunting!

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Allan Myers is a freelance author who worked as a mover during his college days. While he has moved on in his career, the lessons he learned during that time have proven valuable for his writing. Allan enjoys spending time outdoors, especially hiking and mountain climbing.

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