Built-in wardrobe For Your Room Renovation (Ja Aluminium Glass)

Built-in wardrobe For Your Room Renovation (Ja Aluminium Glass)

Ja Aluminium Windows offering you built in wardrobes for your home. Storage capacity is the important feature of wardrobe so our aluminum built in wardrobe gave you more capacity as you needed. Aluminum built-in wardrobes have many style ranges and color ranges. We prefer our customer demand and must complete the whole task according to our customer taste. The price of built in wardrobe is very affordable and everyone who has low budget can afford it easily.

If you have a small room which is not fulfilling your requirements for winding clothes and other things we have complete solution for this problem. Our built in wardrobe can fulfill all your requirements and give more space as you want. We have many colors in built in wardrobe you can also match the wardrobe with your home paint shade of other furniture colors. Ja Aluminium Glass provides you modern designs in wardrobe which give you the versatile look and complete package for windup every important things in its wide space.

The safety is also essential in wardrobe so we are using best locking system for prevent of every unhappy moment. After lock your wardrobe you can feel free inside or outside of the home.

Key Features:

  • Ja Aluminium built in wardrobe is like a free standing closet. Stylish moldings and information let somebody has this system come across and believe of installed furniture.
  • Our wardrobes have different hinging areas, drawers, and adjustable shelving will fulfill your needs.
  • A lot of space for hinging scarf, tie, belt coat etc.
  • The drawers of a wardrobe add the capacity of storage in which you can put any things. Drawers are very soft to open and close and best quality and very long time useable.
  • We are using LED lighting system inside the drawers which give you best attractive look. 
  • You can choose a range of variety of doors style both sliding and hinged and many other style.
  • You can choose color according to your taste.

Types Of Built-in Wardrobes:

Aluminum And Glass Wardrobe:

The wardrobe which is made by aluminum metal with the combination of glass is available. We are using high quality glass that reflect very pleasant look. We provide different designs and size according to the space of your room.   

Sliding Doors Wardrobe:

We are providing wardrobe with sliding door which consist of three panels. Different colors are available in sliding door built in wardrobe. Numerous drawers are available inside the panels.
Hinging system in every penal. These wardrobes are very suitable for hotel and classic home.

With Swing Doors:

The glass swing door of the Ja Aluminium wardrobe is collected of a window of glass swing door functional to a panel and an aluminum edge with an incorporated finger glassy to go with the door. The glass swing wardrobe is available in many sizes. We design all products after complete satisfaction of or respectable clients.   

Hinged Door Wardrobe:

Hinged door wardrobes are based on 5 combinable modules. These wardrobes have hinged door panels with double triple panel and on your demand. You can choose the width and height of the wardrobe according you’re your room space.  

Small wardrobes with hinged door are consists of two panels and we can increase the number of panels according to your order.  Inside the doors there are many shelves and shoe drawers at the bottom and hinging space. Hinged door wardrobes also have many colors choice. 

Why You Choose Aluminum Built- Wardrobe?


Ja Aluminium built-in wardrobes are very low prices than other wardrobes frame options. So everyone can afford it and can increase the space of their room.

Design Flexibility:

The inherent strong point and flexibility for aluminum to be considered and manufactured to experience personalized specifications method you are imperfect individual by your imagination. With an endless array of systems, finishes and glass exit options aluminum wardrobe offers a comic span of potential from the economical to nearly all elaborate systems bit in addition delivering admirable thermal performance.


Ja Aluminium built- in wardrobes are painted with powder coated high class finishes that have no need for repainting. Variety of colors are allows you to choose matching color to your room. Our built-in wardrobes are fully corrosion resistant and very durable.


As you know aluminum is a highest recycling rates and very sustainable material. This advantage differentiates from other framing materials.
For any type of information contact us. Our experts answer your every question with patient.


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