What Causes Roof Leaks Here Are The 4 Reasons

If you are trouble with your roofing system and thinking of What Causes Roof Leaks? then this blog is for you. We have suggested the 4 reasons for roof leaks.

What Causes Roof Leaks Here Are The 4 Reasons

What Is A Leaking Roof and Issues?

Leaky roofs might appear as a simple plumbing issue, but it is actually a nightmare. Not only is your property threatened by water damage, but it can also lead to other problems. The roof provides protection against the exterior elements. And, when damage occurs, you can expect a lot more issues to follow.

The continuous water leakage hampers the structural foundation of your home. Not to mention, the development of moulds and mildew. It can pose serious health risks and reduces air quality drastically. It is vital to recognize roof leakage immediately. But, for that, you need to know what causes roof leaks.

4 Reasons That Can Cause Roof Leaks

There are numerous reasons that can contribute to Roof Leakage. Knowing about them will help you to diagnose them and make the repairs accordingly. Some of the causes can even be fixed with simple DIY techniques. In order to help you understand the issue at hand, we have made a list of the top 4 reasons that explain – what causes roof leaks?

  • Pests

One of the most common causes of roof leakage is pests. When harsh environmental conditions appear, several pests seek shelter. It is vital that you look out for mice, raccoons, rats, rodents, etc. Once they gain entry, you will find it difficult to terminate them completely.

Apart from seeking shade, these animals can cause even more problems. If there is a small hole, you can be sure that they will make it larger in no time. Now, the best move forward is to ensure that you remove debris from the roof.

  • Clogged Gutters

It is true that roofs are meant to be waterproof. But, they are not designed to hold the weight of accumulated water. When the gutter system faces a blockage, the water gathers. As such, the roof might not be able to hold the overall weight and damage the structure, leading to leakage.

Now, the reason for the clog is the accumulation of dust particles and debris. It is mainly observed in the autumn season when dry leaves fall. It is why regular inspection and cleaning of the gutter system is essential. You must ensure that it remains clear of debris to avoid any leakage. Now, you have more idea about what causes roof leaks.

  • Damaged Flashing

You might not know, but flashing is a vital component of the roof. These are present beneath the shingles as well as the joints. In reality, it is the flashing that contributes to making the roof impervious to water. Are you wondering how it does so? Well, it forms a waterproof barrier at the vulnerable pressure points of the roof.

Damage in flashing can either be due to improper installation or the breaking of its seal. In that case, the water will pass through and cause leakage. It is vital that you repair it immediately, lest the problem worsens.

  • Improper Venting

There are two ways in which poor venting can cause roof leakage. These are – Venting leakage and condensation in the attic. When there are fewer vents than necessary, moisture can accumulate in the attic. Then, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mould. Apart from the water damage due to condensation, you also have to worry about air quality.

When you think of what causes roof leaks, then improperly sealed vents is a viable reason. It can ultimately lead to leaks.

Unable To Find The Roof Leak? Get in Touch With Professionals!

With several reasons that can cause a roof leakage, it might become difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. You can eliminate the reasons one by one and come to a valid conclusion. However, for that, you will need more information on - what causes roof leaks? You may also come across reasons that are just hard to find. No matter what you do, you are unable to understand the cause. In that case, calling in the experts is the right decision.

There are many Local Plumber in Central Coast provides a wide range of plumbing services. The experienced plumbers and technicians have the technical training needed to handle any problem. You can count on them to find the cause of your roof leakage quickly with efficiency. They use high-quality tools for the work.

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