How Being A Florist Changed Me and My Standing in the Society

How Being A Florist Changed Me and My Standing in the Society

Today, I would be telling you a story, a story of someone who never thought she could accomplish much in life, but then she ended up achieving more than she knew she could.

She had a fond memory of childhood and she made a career because of that memory and for that memory.

I do hope that you would find it as endearing as I found it. So here we go.

The Memory of Flowers

After completing her education with a major in botany, the girl was worried about what her future may look like. She knew she wanted to be around flowers her whole life. Flowers reminded her of the good times, the times she spent without a worry on the world and the time when her parents were alive and well.

She lost them when she was only 14, a car crash took them away. Even after 9 years, she remembers every single memory of her parents.

Her best memory was of her father bringing flowers for her mother every morning. Those flowers used to make her mother’s eyes shine as bright as stars.

So, she wanted to be in a profession that would be reminiscent of her childhood. The only one she could think of was being a florist. Selling flowers to people to make the same fond memories that she has had.

She even named her store “ An Homage to the Past.”

The Question of Success

Starting your own business is quite literally terrifying. She was afraid of every step of the way.

The what it’s making a perpetual train of thought in her mind that won’t stop even when she tried to sleep.

What if the business did not work?

What if she did not get the funding?

What if she was not suitable to be a businesswoman?

Yes, the questions were logical, but the only way to answer them was to take the leap of faith. 

With some of her savings, she managed to rent a space for her flower shop. The first step was done, now on to the next. She did not have enough to get everything in the shop sorted, so she had to apply for a loan.

And she did. The first three times her loan was rejected for no apparent reason and the fourth time it was rejected because the first three rejections lowered her credit score. Do you see the bizarreness?

Finally, she applied for Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor and got the approval. She ensured everything was set up to commence within the next thirty days. Despite the fact that everything was going great, there was still the nagging feeling of doubt eating her away.


The Reason for Success

Do you think she would have succeeded? Yes, she did, otherwise what would be the point of the story.

Her start was no doubt wobbly. From mixing orders to giving the wrong address to the courier, everything happened to let her know what could go wrong with a florist.

Soon, she started gaining traction and made regular customers as well. She did succeed, but the reason for her success was not learning from the mistakes and becoming business savvy.

Nope, the readiness in her personality.

The way she smiled at the customer would make it very hard for him or her to deny her a sale.

The way she talked about each flower would make anyone fall in love with them.

The way she related flowers to happiness made customers crave the high she was on.

So, the reason her business was a huge success was her and her alone. She was a burn saleswoman, who could sell the dirt on the road and make a profit with that.


The Chase for Growth

Her business was a delight for each one of her customers. They lived here as much as they lived her flowers.

So, it came as no surprise when one of her regulars asked her to become the florist for her wedding. She could not even think about answering in a negative. That was the perfect opportunity for her to spread her floral wings more than she had her.

The wedding ceremony and the reception were inundated with the subtle perfume her impeccable altar and centerpieces were emitting. The majority of the guests complimented her work and she even made another booking for a baby shower the month after that.

It suffices to say that she made name for herself in the society within a year of establishing her business. A huge reason for that is the closeness she felt to her parents, every time she stepped into the shop.

Can you believe that this is the same girl who was questioning herself every step of the way during the establishment of her shop?

A terrified girl was transformed into a successful entrepreneur because if her passion for her business. Her success was indeed an homage to her parents, who would most definitely be smiling down in her from heaven.

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