5 Homemade Treatment for Upholstery Cleaning

5 Homemade Treatment for Upholstery Cleaning

Stains on your upholstery make it appear dull and dirty, and no one wants to relax on a stained couch. The best solution to clean them effectively is tackling them while they are still fresh. The longer you leave the stains, the more challenging is the process of cleaning. Fortunately, you can rely on some home-made solutions for upholstery cleaning Dandenong. Even though you may be aware of the ways to apply the solution, it is essential to know how to use it properly without running the fabric of your sofa. 

Read the following points that reveal five best home-made techniques for cleaning the upholstery effectively. 

1. Solution of vinegar
A solution of white vinegar provides you with the best remedy for cleaning the couch and removing the bad odours. Try to mix a cup of cold water and vinegar and pour this solution in a spray bottle. If you need to clean fresh spills from the couch, you need to remove the stain at first by rubbing the area of the stain with a paper towel at first to allow it to blot the liquid properly to prevent it from spreading further.

Once you blot the excess stain in the paper towel, you should spray the solution of vinegar on to the stain, but avoid wetting the stain too much. First and foremost, you should spray the vinegar solution lightly on the stain and continue blotting it in the same way as you did previously. You can repeat the step of blotting and spraying the solution on the stain until you are satisfied with the process of cleaning. Finally, you should rinse the stain and blot it using a clean and damp cloth until the mark of vinegar solution disappears completely. In the last step, you should dry the stained area properly with the help of a hairdryer to allow the watermarks to go away completely. 

2. Using a solution of alcohol and white vinegar
When it comes to upholstery cleaning Berwick, you can mix alcohol and white vinegar in a spray bottle. All you need to do is spray the solution on the surface of the fabric generously. Allow it to stay for a couple of minutes. If the dirt is deep and stubborn, you can use a sponge to scrub the dirty areas and allow the couch to dry properly. Using this solution is beneficial for stains of ink and paint. However, you can also use this solution to treating difficult stains. 

3. Soda or carbonated water
As soda water is pH neutral and does not contain any odour, it is an excellent solution for stain removal from upholstered furniture. For dealing with stains of blood and wine, carbonated water is one of the most effective choices. Instead of using water to clean fresh soils, carbonated water can work like magic. However, you should make the area dry properly to prevent the formation of watermarks. 

4. Baking soda and water 
A combination of baking soda, cornstarch, and water creates a thick paste and apply this mixture to the fabric. Allow the mixture to become dry, which should take about half an hour. Once the paste becomes dry, you can vacuum the entire fabric. If you do not want to form a thick paste with these ingredients, you should sprinkle the ingredients on the couch and vacuum it immediately. 

5. Dish soap with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
A combination of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle should be sprayed on the couch evenly and sprinkle baking soda on it. Leave it overnight and vacuum the sofa properly. 
You can try all these home-made solutions to clean the upholstered furniture appropriately depending on the intensity of stain or dirt.

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