Environmentally Friendly White Goods Disposal

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to dispose of the old and broken white goods? Here are some approaches that you can follow

Environmentally Friendly White Goods Disposal

Did you know that according to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources of Australia, in 2016-2017, the generated waste reached 67 million tonnes of waste and increased each year? 16.3% of the accumulated waste was coming from household waste which means every Australian generated about 540 kg of waste per person each year. With the increasing worry on global warming, you got to have the initiative to lower the number by opting-in the environmentally friendly household waste removal approach. 

What is considered white goods?

White goods are the terms to use for household appliances that large in size and commonly comes; not always; in white colour. These household appliances including a refrigerator, air conditioner, freezer, washing machine, kitchen stove, water heater, water dispenser, dishwasher and many more. Due to its size and weight people tend to get lazy to do a proper removal and just throw it away to the tip/landfill which helping the increase of household waste generated each year.

Can I resell white goods?

Absolutely, reselling white goods is another form of doing the reuse approach which depending on the condition of the goods it could be priced higher than the average. Australian tends to follow the trend instead of optimizing the appliance that they already have, for example, the average lifespan of a refrigerator is up to 14 years but due to the trend of an updated feature, Australian tend to switch to a newer one every 3-5 years which leaves the not-so-old refrigerator still in a perfect condition. Additionally, you can reach out to the retailer because usually, they have the buy-back or trade-in program so you won't need to pay much for the new one.

How to donate white goods?

The not-so-old refrigerator; which still has about 10 years of lifespan; still can serve its purpose for others, that's why donating them is another great choice to follow the environmentally friendly white goods disposal. You can always reach out to your families or friends if they in needs of a fully-functional refrigerator otherwise the local community charities will always accept it and deliver it to the needy, they even can pick it up so you won't need to deliver it personally.

Are white goods recyclable?

Most of the materials on white goods are recyclable materials like plastic and metal so it's a yes but these materials often placed alongside dangerous substance like refrigerant gases and electrical components. Therefore, need a proper and specific recycling centre to handle the job. Fortunately in Perth, there is plenty of recycling centre that accept white goods which sometimes they offer a price for it. So, recycling is another option that you can choose for an environmentally friendly white goods disposal.

Can white goods put inside a skip bin?

In general, a skip bin hire in Perth can accommodate almost all type of waste of many sizes including white goods. Therefore, opting in hiring a skip bin to manage all of the old or broken white goods will be a good choice but make sure you are hiring from a reputable provider that will prioritize recycling over sending it to the landfills like Coastal Waste. By doing so you are helping to reduce the production of carbon footprint.

What happens after the white goods recycled?

Mostly the recycled materials of white goods are refurbished and will be reused for other purposes, for example, the plastic on a refrigerator can be reused to create other parts of household appliances.


Any white goods disposal options that including reduce, reuse and recycle approaches are the best option to follow because not only helping to lower the amount of waste generated but also ensuring a better environment for the future generation. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.

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