Which Type of Jewelry Should Retailers Buy in Summer?

Which Type of Jewelry Should Retailers Buy in Summer?
Which Type of Jewelry Should Retailers Buy in Summer?

Summers are just around the corner, and you must be waiting eagerly for summer jewellery trends this year so that you can update your jewellery stock. Trends keep changing with the change in years and seasons. 

Nowadays, with its growing popularity, oxidised wholesale jewellery has become a trendsetter. You can witness the crazy about this exquisite jewellery from the last few years. The ornaments have a sophisticated antique look and complement perfectly with the bright colours of the summer.

So, being a jewellery retailer, you should include unique, beautifully designed oxidised wholesale jewellery on your bucket list. 

Let’s know more about this trendsetter! 

Oxidised jewellery is the best alternative for other jewellery types, as these are extremely stylish and affordable. These pieces look enticingly beautiful with every type of costume, including western and ethnic dresses. You can purchase silver antique jewellery online in India from a recognized and trustworthy manufacturer. 

• Oxidised Jewellery, as the name suggests, involves exposing the silver metal to oxygen in a pressurized setting for a long time. 

• The jewellery has little lustre and darker colour, which gives it an antique look.

• The silver metal often has elaborate patterns, like delicate carving, thus, it is very popular among women. 

Have a look at some reasons that have made oxidised wholesale jewellery the newest trend:

a) Broad Range with Myriad Designs and Options 

• Silver is extremely soft and malleable. 

• The artisans can be moulded it into several jewellery pieces with unique patterns and styles.

• In addition, you can find many designs blended with many striking gemstones.

• You can buy oxidised antique jewellery in a plethora of options, including pendants, bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, anklets, chains, and more. 

b) Durability

Oxidised jewellery is one of the most durable fashion accessories if it is kept properly. These ornaments look the same even after 20 years of purchase. So, these pieces have become the favourite accessories of women who want to look classy. 

• Being durable and scratch-resistant, several generations can use a single jewellery piece for ages. 

• It can become a family’s cherished heirloom. 

• The longevity and quality of oxidised antique jewellery are incredible, and these pieces can hold their shape even if women wear them daily. 

• Thus, it is an amazing go-to accessory in women’s jewellery collection.  

c) Oxidised Jewellery can be Worn with Anything

Women can couple oxidised jewellery with everything and anything according to the occasion and attire. The wearers look gorgeous when they pair their ethnic wear with ornaments made of oxidised silver. For instance:

• A substantial bunch of oxidised bangles and tribal chokers look flawless with a beautiful saree. 

• A pair of oxidised or gold jhumkas along with a gothic style oxidised nose ring looks incredible with salwar and kurta. 

• On the contrary, the ornaments look exceptionally modish with western attire, such as statement earrings and cool pendants.

• These pieces will complement everyday look when they pair oxidised jewellery with jeans and a tank top.

d) Hypoallergenic

It has been observed that approximately 10% of people are allergic to Nickel-metal, but this percentage can reach 20% in women because of their exposure to Nickel through jewellery made by this metal. 

In addition, ornaments made of inexpensive metals, such as brass, can lead to an allergic skin reaction, causing blisters, redness, and swelling.

• Silver antique jewellery, which is also available online in India, is made from 92.5% pure silver, which is completely hypoallergenic. 

• There are very low chances that oxidised jewellery will cause an allergic reaction, like brass or nickel.

• It means women can put on oxidising jewellery with no risks of irritation or infection. 

In addition, you can include an oxidised American diamond pendant set in your inventory. This exotic jewellery piece is in great demand among women because of its intricate and innovative designs. Besides, this item is a great gift alternative for friends, sisters, mothers, etc. on various occasions.

Oxidised wholesale jewellery is the best alternative for retailers who have a limited budget. This jewellery is available at lower prices as compared to jewellery made of gold and diamond. Thus, women prefer buying oxidised antique jewellery, as it is inexpensive, hypoallergenic, durable, and available in a plethora of designs and forms. 


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