Why the Bronx is Perfect for Families With Kids

The Bronx is one of the best places to move to if you have kids. Here is why the Bronx is perfect for families with kids.

Why the Bronx is Perfect for Families With Kids
Why the Bronx is Perfect for Families With Kids
Why the Bronx is Perfect for Families With Kids
Why the Bronx is Perfect for Families With Kids

The Bronx is one of the best places to move to with your kids. There are many benefits of choosing the Bronx as your home, from the cost of living to the great education options. Everything that you need you can find here. The easy access to Manhattan is a plus that opens a sea of new opportunities. If you want to know more, keep reading and find out why the Bronx is perfect for families with kids.

The affordable cost of living attracts a lot of families

On top of being the oldest borough of New York, it is also the most affordable one. You can find a home for around $200,000. The cost of living is lower compared to the NYC average by 15%. Also, by moving here, you will be able to save on groceries, which is important when you have a family to raise. The chances of buying a nice family home for a reasonable price are higher than in other boroughs. Moreover, for the same price, you will get much more space here than you would in some of the neighborhoods in Manhattan, for example.

Another big pro that makes the Bronx perfect for families is safety. Most of the neighborhoods are safe and family-friendly.

Great choice of schools is one of the reasons why the Bronx is perfect for families with kids

By moving to the Bronx with your kids, you will have made a great decision. Some of the best educational institutions can be found here. The Bronx high school of science is one of the most reputable high schools. Many students from all over the city come here to attend this school. Another highly ranked one is the High School for American Studies at Lehman College. These two are both public schools. There is also an extensive choice of private schools. Fieldstone, Horace Mann, and Riverdale County Day are the most famous ones. Also, there are great options for higher education with Universities like:

  • Fordham University
  • Manhattan College
  • Lehman College
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine

You have access to the beach

Many forget that the Bronx is close to the Orchard Beach beach. This is a great place to spend the afternoon with your kids. You can organize a picnic or go for a swim on a hot summer day to refresh yourself. There are 26 courts which are perfect for those that enjoy sports. Since there are all kinds of courts, you can let your kids choose what game they want to play according to their mood. If you are more into biking are roller skating, there is a promenade along the beach perfect for that!

A plethora of green spaces

When you think of NYC, you immediately think of tall concrete buildings, so you might be surprised to know that there are a lot of green spaces here. To be precise, the city’s three largest parks are located in the Bronx. A fun fact is that Pelham Bay Park is larger than Central Park. It’s three times the size of this famous park! Bring your kids to the park for a nice hike or try horseback riding. Regardless of what you pick, fun time is guaranteed!

Apart from various parks, the Bronx has a zoo that is a must-see! Visiting the zoo is one of the best family activities. Kids love it, and adults love it too. Here, you will see more than 6000 animals and more than 700 species.

There are many family-friendly activities

There are many family-friendly activities which makes it perfect for people with kids. There is always something fun to do and see. Here are the most popular activities and things to do:

  • Bronx Children’s Museum–A museum on wheels! This is an actual bus that travels through the borough. They offer many exhibitions and programs for kids
  • Everett Children’s Adventure Garden–Explore nature together. There are a few family programs that are a must!
  • Bronx Terminal Market–Free movies for everyone! During the summer seasons, you will get to watch many popular kids’ movies like Moana and Zootopia
  • Sunrun Kids Clubhouse—It’s located in the Yankee Stadium. The playground is a mini baseball field. While kids play, adults can enjoy watching the game on one of the strategically placed screens!

You will have the opportunity to live a suburban life

You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city by choosing to move to the suburbs of the Bronx. One of the most popular and family-friendly suburbs is Riverdale, with its tree-lined streets and large homes. According to Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, many young families move here. Every weekend there is a family art project at Wave Hill. Kids and parents get together to spend a fun moment creating art. Every time there is a new theme. And the biggest plus is that if you go on Sunday, admission is totally free from 9am to 12pm!

There are many benefits of moving to the suburbs. You will have way more space, both indoor and outdoor. Everyone can have their own room. Plus large backyard is perfect for kids to play and for adults to organize a summer barbecue. Home prices are elevated compared to the other neighborhoods; however, raising kids in a safe and family-oriented community is worth the price!

Moving to the Bronx

Moving to the Bronx can be quite tricky. Depending on where you decide to move, there is not a lot of parking space, which can complicate everything if you choose to move alone. You will waste a lot of time trying to find a parking spot. And then let’s not forget you will have to unload all your things and carry them into your home. This can be an exhausting process, especially when you have kids. For this reason, you should get the help of a professional local moving company. You will make your transition easier by doing this. Also, you will feel less exhausted at the end of the day.

When choosing movers, always opt for local movers. They know the area by heart which makes navigating through the busy streets easy for them. You will not have to worry about parking and getting a parking permit—they will do this for you. You will spend a bit more than when moving alone, but you will avoid getting injured and relocate in a much faster and safer way!


The low cost of living, variety of outstanding educational options, walkability, and a plethora of green spaces are the reasons why the Bronx is perfect for families with kids. You will make a great choice by moving here. So schedule your move and start planning your new life here.



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