What Strategy Do Professionals Use To Clean Your Curtains and blinds

What Strategy Do Professionals Use To Clean Your Curtains and blinds

One question while availing any services comes in our mind is ‘how do these people do it perfectly, so professionally every time?’ And it intrigues us so much that we try every idea and DIY that we can find on the internet or from someone known. Sometimes it works and sometimes we end up damaging something. 

The service of curtain cleaning always leaves one astonished, thinking what cleaner do they actually use or what methods do they use which end up resulting in fresher and crispier curtains which also smells amazing. We might find one or two legitimate tips which actually work and help us. But mostly all are just either too difficult to perform or use expensive materials and machines. 

We have got a solution to this problem. Here we will discuss what strategies do professionals use to clean your curtains and turn them looking sharper than ever. 

Some of Them are Listed Below: 

  • Check Tag:

The first and foremost thing all professionals do is check tags. Every curtain fabric is different and requires different methods of curtain steam cleaning. Each curtain panel has a tag regarding washing instructions that should be followed. Using any different methods might result in wear and tear of the curtains. 

  • One or Two Panels At a Time:

A mistake most people do is washing all the curtain panels together which results in improper washing and accumulation of detergents. Professionals only wash and work on one or two panels at a time to make sure that each panel gets the required cleaning and attention. 

  • No Bleaching:

Another mistake that people tend to make is using bleach. Some believe that bleaching will make their curtains whiter and give them a fresh look. Bleach might make your curtains whiter by shade. But it weakens the fabric of curtains resulting in decreased life of curtains. 

  • Using Hot Water:

People think that washing their curtains in hot or warm water will help kill bacterial growth on their curtains and make them fresh but it does quite the opposite. Firstly, warm water makes the curtain fragile. Secondly, it leaves the curtain to be damp for a long period of time promoting the growth of bacterial microbes. 

  • Washing Colors With White:

Colored curtains are often washed together with lighter or white colors which result in discoloration. Most colored curtains tend to leak color which people don’t think about before washing resulting in spoilage of curtains. Always wash Lighter and brighter colors separately during curtain cleaning. 

  • Drying Curtains in Sun:

Drying out curtains in the sun will speed up the drying process but it will also fade out the color of the curtains. They will end up looking dull and old. After curtain cleaning service, always dry curtains indoors or using a mild dryer. 

  • Deodorize the Curtains:

One trick that all professionals swear by is deodorizing the curtains. After the curtains are washed and still a little damp, they use a fragrant spray or a fragrant liquid wash which gives the curtain a nice smell and ends up making the guest extremely happy.

These are some strategies that professionals use to make sure that your curtains look new and fresh after every wash. If you try them make sure to prepare yourself for a tiresome day. They are tiring out but the results are worth it.

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