What Kind of Hairstyle Suits The Shape of Your Face

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What Kind of Hairstyle Suits The Shape of Your Face
What Kind of Hairstyle Suits The Shape of Your Face

Often we decide what our next hairstyle will be, focusing only on fashion trends, which we are helpfully told by social networks and glossy magazines. But if you had to leave the salon, wondering why the new haircut that you had long dreamed about, does not look as cool as you expected, know: most likely, you were not able to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of your face.

In fact, the shape of the face plays a much more significant role than you think, so you need to choose a hairstyle very carefully, taking into account your individual characteristics and, of course, in the shape of the face. The rules that you need to consider before visiting a beauty salon will be told by a hair stylist Sydney.

Rule 1: Think About Image Harmony

Hair is one of the most noticeable “accessories” of our appearance. By manipulating them, an experienced stylist is even able to visually change the outline of a face. When going to the salon, clients usually imagine what shape they would like to give to their face, and, as a rule, this is an oval. Accordingly, the task of the hairdresser is to bring the face shape closer to this ideal with the help of a haircut. Today, high cheekbones, large eyes and puffy lips are in fashion: you can become their owner to the correct hairstyle, emphasizing the advantages of appearance and hiding its imperfections. "

Rule 2: Consider Your Figure

When determining the optimal haircut, the figure is no less important than the shape of the face. Ask the client to stand up to assess the general proportions of the body: this helps to understand whether the volume of the head needs to be visually changed, and if so, into which side. For example, with small stature, very long hair is best not to be worn, because they visually shorten the figure. But they go very tall women. "

Rule 3: Consider the structure of your hair

To choose a strategy to achieve the coveted face contour, you need to take into account not only the natural shape of the face and features of the figure, but also the thickness and length of the hair.

The more curly and thick your hair is, the more strands you need to cut at an angle to achieve the desired shape. And vice versa, the thinner the hair, the fewer cuts at an angle it is necessary to visually increase the volume of the hairstyle.

Rule 4: Don't be afraid to add colors

For example, if you have a long, elongated face, darken the roots and lighten the middle and lower parts of the strands to visually increase the width. If the shape of your face is a triangle, you can choose to stain the roots in a dark color, and lighten the ends of the hair to move the “center of gravity” of the hairstyle down and balance the triangular chin.

Having chosen a complex, accented contouring, be sure to use quality contrast products from the L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert series for hair care, which will help to give volumetric shades of strands special brightness and depth.

Rule 5: don't forget about contouring

Like a face, your hair will not be disturbed by correctly placed tone accents. Imagine using contouring to make your nose thinner, your forehead taller, and your cheekbones sharper. The same here: you can emphasize the volume, give the hairstyle freshness and youth, as well as create a special mood.

Rule 6: don't forget to add volume

The volume of hair very noticeably affects the visual perception of the shape of the face. To visually narrow the round face recommends reducing the volume of the hairstyle. Conversely, with a narrow face, the stylist should make the hairstyle more voluminous.

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