What Are The Major Tips To Clean Your Lovely Curtains

What Are The Major Tips To Clean Your Lovely Curtains

So much of time, energy and money obviously, is wasted in decorating our living space. Every article is chosen after a long series of discussion, comparison and bargain. We put our heart in decorating our beautiful little houses, so why do we fail in maintaining them? Every piece from furniture to the drapes/ curtains are chosen with precaution. 

Curtains form a major part of our rooms and halls, they not only add to the beauty. But they also ensure the comfort of the owner. Curtains come in various designs, qualities and fabrics, one can choose whichever he/she finds fit for their abode. After purchasing such articles the most common questions arising in your mind can be WHAT ARE THE MAJOR TIPS TO CLEAN YOUR LOVELY CURTAINS And how to retain their quality forever?

Well, we can not comfort you forever, but we can assure you a longer life for your lovely curtains, by providing you with some major tips. 

Let's Start:

Daily Activity:

We all start our days with dusting, cleaning and rearranging our houses. Everyday, while doing so, you should make a habit of dusting or vacuuming or simply patting or shaking your curtains. This activity will prevent any sort of dust accumulation on your curtains, and keep them clean for a longer period of time.


Before using any method of curtain cleaning service or choosing any cleaning agent, make sure to carefully read the caretag on your curtains. This advice goes for any kind of fabric whether fabric on your upholstery, your clothes or your curtains. Understanding the need and care needed for the fabric goes a long way. In case of confusion, you can always try the detergent on a low visibility area and see what the reaction leads to. You should machine wash and tumble dry on low cycles with cold water. After washing, always make sure you completely dry the curtains in the sun, even a little bit of moisture can lead to molds and mildew. 


Sheer curtains are extremely delicate fabrics, improper actions can lead to lots of damage to the fabric. Prefer hand washing, and avoid wringing the fabric. 


Lace curtains are another variety of delicate curtains, reading the care tag beforehand will save you a lot of trouble. You can also wash these curtains with water and delicate detergents used for deep cleaning. Make sure to dry them completely before putting the metallic rings on. 


Ironing plays a vital role in maintaining the pleats of your curtains. In order to iron perfectly, you should iron from the back side of the curtains, you can spray a small amount of water as it will give better results. Be cautious as you might break the stitching, which will affect the looks of your curtain. Attach back all the rings only after the curtains are completely dry and ready otherwise the metallic rings can rust out on the fabrics.

If these tips are helping you much then you should hire professional curtain cleaning services.

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