Panchakarma Sydney

Get Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment in Sydney from expert Ayurveda Doctors. Ayur Healthcare, Parramatta, Sydney brings to you Ayurvedic detoxification treatments to cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

Panchakarma Sydney

Panchakarma comes from the Sanskrit term ‘Panch’- Five and ‘Karma’- Actions which means five actions/ five therapies. The Panchakarma treatments are focused on the elimination of excess toxins and Doshas accumulated in our body due to lifestyle factors, diet, and stress.


Our Panchakarma therapies in Sydney can promote healing thereby assisting the body in the removal of obstinate, stubborn waste that has become toxic. They can also prevent the accumulation of toxins all the while enhancing your vital energies preventing the occurrence of diseases.

Panchakarma Treatments


In this type of Panchakarma, the entire intestines will be cleansed by flushing out the toxins through bowels. Internal lubrication is done by oral administration of herbal ghee to dilute the toxins. Warm herbal oil massage followed by steam mobilizes all toxins and with Herbal decoctions, they are flushed through bowels.



The Ayurvedic detox by intestinal irrigation with herbal oils/herbal decoctions is called Vasti or Ayurvedic Enema. A herbal oil / herbal decoction is introduced into the body through the anus in a specific lying position. The treatment begins with the oil enema and alternate days of oil enema and herbal decoction enema for 3, 5, 7, or 14 continuous days.



Ayurvedic Panchakarma detox treatment, done by cleansing the sinuses with medicated herbs introduced into the nostrils in the form of oil drops, powder, liquids, or herbal smoke. Before that, a warm herbal oil massage is done all over the face and neck region followed by steam to improve the blood circulation.


Ayurvedic detox by cleansing the stomach by inducing vomiting. Toxins that are accumulated are eliminated by inducing vomiting in a controlled way.


Rakta Mokshana

A Bloodletting therapy, Rakta Mokshana is done by drawing blood using different types of instruments/leeches. Currently, Rakta Mokshana is not in practice in Australia but at Ayur Healthcare, we have added more therapies to Panchakarma like Shirodhara, Abhyanga (herbal oil massage), Swedana (herbal steam), pouch/poultice massage (pinda sweda), Udwarthana (dry powder massage), etc.


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