Quran Learning from Home

Are you looking to hire an expert online Quran tutor for your kids? Who can help your kids in learning the Quran word by word in Urdu or any other language? Here are a few reasons why IQuran Online Schooling is the Best Quran Teaching Academy. When it comes to Online Quran learning and Islamic studies Courses for your kids.

Quran Learning from Home


  • There is no registration fee to get registered.
  • We provide free trial classes before regular Quran classes.
  • A small and affordable monthly fee with NO long-term contract.
Certified Quran Tutors

The capability and qualification of the Quran teacher play a key role in understanding and learning the students. The students cannot learn properly if they are not provided with well-qualified and professional Quran tutors. We understand this fact and that it can waste the precious time and money of the parents. That is why IQuranschool only hires the most capable and certified Quran tutors for your kids. In this way, IQuranschool provides you online teachers who are masters of their fields.

Female Tutors
  • We also provide qualified female Quran tutors for ladies and girls.
  • The Students who feel comfortable with female teachers can learn with more comfort.

Number of Tests to Check

To be a teacher at Online Quran Academy is not an easy task. It requires well-qualified and experienced Quran tutors to teach online Quran courses. These courses include tajweed rules, translation of the Quran, Quran reading, the Noorani Qaida course, and Islamic studies courses.  So, IQuranschool has designed a series of tests to analyze the ability of tutors. The students have to go through a series of tests to prove their abilities. These tests help us to understand whether a tutor is suitable or not for students. So, we always hire the most skilled and capable teachers for our students.

One to One Classes

  • One to one live Quran classes.
  • Our Quran teacher deals with the individual student in the class.
  • Students get complete attention from their teachers.

Flexible Timings

The timings of a madrasa are usually fixed (usually early morning) and students cannot satisfy with its timings. That is why a lot of students affect their learning of the Quran. But you will not face this problem when you hire IQuranschool. We offer flexible timings for the online Quran Courses for your kids. You can arrange your online Quran classes according to your ease. By getting this opportunity, students never miss their classes and learn Quran according to their availability.

  • .On-demand class timings are given to students.
  • Students can pick the time of their classes according to his/her convenience.

Your Feedback is Matters a Lot

Quality and the satisfaction of our students and parents are everything for I Quran Online School. It has always been I Quran Academy’s top priority to provide quality services to our students. We take reviews to know whether our student is satisfied with its teacher or not. We mean a lot by their reviews to analyze the performance of our Quran tutors.

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