How Visual Commerce Can Boost Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Explore what is visual commerce and how you can boost your visual marketing strategy with visual commerce to boost sales, user engagement, & traffic.

How Visual Commerce Can Boost Your Visual Marketing Strategy

With the rising technology trends and social media's influence on modern-day shoppers, the e-commerce industry has swirled its marketing tactic. 

The introduction of visual Commerce in the marketing strategy of online brands and retailers have paved the way for better customer engagement and augmented sales.

In this blog, we have discussed the role of visual Commerce in the shopping arena and the benefits it serves to the brands.

So, let's dive in!

What is Visual Commerce?

Simply described, Visual Commerce is a marketing strategy that employs the concept of visual advertising of the products by using attractive and compelling images, often created by the brand's genuine users.

It is the trending way of turning social media content into shoppable galleries by using enticing content. It also has a major role in increasing customer engagement, brand loyalty, driving more leads for the brands, and much more.

Role Of Visual Commerce In Marketing

Visual Commerce is limited to eye-catching visuals and has changed the way people shop online. How? By providing the users with a seamless shopping experience and fastened purchase journey.

The modern-day shopping trend allows the users to shop for the product they want directly from the post. By displaying the user-generated images and videos with the incorporation of the branded products, brands can showcase social proof of their authenticity and reliability.

It allows the brands to add shoppability tags to their products by providing price, product specification, detailed description, and comfortable purchase journey using a Visual commerce platform. This way, brands can easily turn the point of attraction into a point of purchase.

Benefits Of Visual Commerce

The revolutionary change in the e-commerce industry has marked its impact on the online retail industry's growth. It has been an advantageous strategy for brands to leverage visual Commerce to boost sales.

Some of the benefits of visual Commerce are discussed below.

1. Visuals attract more customers and increase engagement.

It is a well-known fact that people are more attracted to visual descriptions as compared to product descriptions. Social media is the hub of compelling visual content, which is the hangout place of most modern-day shoppers. 

Online brands curate this exciting social media content in a shoppable feed, which attracts more customers. This visual hub increases customer engagement with the brand and lets them interact with the brand and its products.

2. User-Generated content encourages customers to trust the brand.

There is no better way to build trust among your customers than by displaying them the products' real and authentic images. These genuine images are the true display of the products. 

To deliver the most effective and authentic experience to the customers, brands use User-Generated content. These UGC advocates for the quality of the branded products and provides social proof to the customers.

This way, UGC helps the brands increase their products' reliability and build customer loyalty towards the brand.

3. Shoppable content influences the purchase decision of the customers.

Who would not like to shop their desired products, even at the times when they are drowned in their comfort zones?

In fact, shopping is a feast for this generation. Taking this advantage into consideration, online brands have shifted from e-commerce stores to visual Commerce. 

Adding shoppable tags to the UGC posts helps brands to provide a seamless shopping journey to the customers. It has reduced the purchase path of the customers by overcoming the complex purchase barriers that come along.

This lets the brands influence the customers' purchase decision by giving them an easy option of "Shop the Look."

4. Minified purchase journey accelerates the rate of sales.

With the smooth purchase journey, customers feel more connected with the brands. In the present scenario, when it's hard for people to spare time shopping for their desired needs, it becomes easy for them to shop even while scrolling down their social platforms.

This fastened purchase journey has helped them to shop easily. It helps the brands to increase customer interaction with the products, which results in increased conversion rates and amplified sales.

How Can Brands Leverage Visual Commerce?

The most elementary component of Visual Commerce is User-Generated Content. Brands aggregate this UGC from various social platforms and curate it into a single feed. This attractive feed is then turned into a shoppable gallery by adding tags to the post.

Many visual commerce platforms help brands curate this UGC and create their own customized, moderated, and compelling shoppable galleries.

This tool helps the brands customize their feed by changing the themes and layouts according to their behavior. Also, it provides the brands with an option of real-time updates and content moderation to display fresh, unique, and relevant content. 



To accelerate the conversion rates and sales, brands need to create a strong connection with the customers, which triggers their emotions to invest in the brand. The best way to do this is by leveraging visual Commerce. 

In this blog, we have discussed some of the benefits of visual Commerce and how brands can utilize this marketing strategy for better market performance.


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