Buying Guide of HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitter is a simple technical tool that allows you to broadcast audio-visual data from any HDMI source to another HDMI receiver

Buying Guide of HDMI Splitter

Nowadays, people prefer to project a single visual signal onto multiple output devices. So, to get such an arrangement, you will require an HDMI Splitter. An HDMI Splitter is a simple technical tool that allows you to broadcast audio-visual data from any HDMI source to another HDMI receiver.

Usually, there are several types of HDMI splitters in the market, so often, you may get confused regarding which one to select for getting the best performance. Therefore, to clear the confusion, we will provide a detailed buying guide for HDMI splitters, following which you will be able to select the best product.

Factors you should consider before purchasing an HDMI Splitter

This section will highlight the factors you should consider before going for an HDMI splitter. Generally, several factors determine the actual quality of an HDMI splitter, but here we will explain the most important factors. 

  • Resolution

As mentioned earlier, an HDMI splitter helps you to take a single visual signal and then project it onto multiple connected devices. However, while projecting the visual signal, you should also keep in mind that there is no loss in the image quality.

Basically, you have to see that the resolution of the HDMI splitter should match with that of the source HDMI connection. Therefore, it is always advisable for you to check the resolution rating of the HDMI splitter before purchasing.

  • Number of output ports

One of the most important features you need to consider before buying an HDMI splitter is the number of output ports it offers.

The more the number of ports more devices you can connect using the HDMI splitter, so if you require to connect a higher number of devices, you can go for the 4-port HDMI splitter. However, if you need to connect fewer devices, you can use the 2-port or 3-port HDMI splitter. 

Therefore, properly decide how many devices you want to connect and accordingly determine how many output ports you want in your HDMI splitter.


  • Supported Audio Formats

Besides the video format, you must also look at the audio format that a particular HDMI splitter supports.

For example, you might need to pass Dolby Atmos or Dolby Digital audio onto your display device. If your HDMI splitter does not support those audio formats, you won't be able to transfer those onto the other devices despite having an HDMI splitter.

Therefore, it is pretty evident that for selecting a proper HDMI splitter, you should also look at the audio formats that a particular HDMI splitter supports besides the video quality or resolution it offers.

  • Power

When you connect multiple HDMI cables to a single HDMI splitter, you must also ensure that all of them must be getting enough power.

Generally, most HDMI splitters are passive in nature and hence do not require any external power. However, if you use a 4-port HDMI splitter, you might sometimes need to provide external power, which means you have to connect an extra cable to your HDMI splitter.

  • Warranty

Warranty is another essential factor you must consider before purchasing an HDMI splitter. Although affordable, you still want to select a product that will run for a long time without any issues.

Usually, all HDMI splitters do not have a warranty, but some models offer a limited warranty. Therefore, it is pretty evident that going for those HDMI splitters with at least a 1-year warranty is always beneficial.

  • Pricing

Pricing is equally important as the factors mentioned above since you will always want to purchase the best product at the most affordable rate. Generally, HDMI splitters come at an affordable rate, but the 4-port splitters are comparatively expensive.

Therefore, take ample time and make the correct decision so that you can purchase the best product by investing a minimum amount of money.


As promised at the beginning of this informative article, we have given a detailed buying guide for an HDMI Splitter.

Finally, in the end, we can say that if you thoroughly go through this article and eventually consider all the factors mentioned above before selecting an HDMI splitter, you will be able to choose the best HDMI splitter for yourself.

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