How Does The Odour Scrubbers Work?

Now these odour Scrubbers are used mainly to help make the environment sustainable. It is becoming increasingly important in today’s age with the Earth's atmosphere, getting polluted more and more.

How Does The Odour Scrubbers Work?

There are many harmful gases like HCI (hydrochloric acid), H2S (hydrogen sulphide), CI2 (chlorine) and SO2 (sulphur dioxide) which are emitted from various sources like industries, vehicles, factories, combustion engines etc. these gases need to be neutralized so that they do not cause any further harm or damage to the environment and to the people working around these gases. This where Odour Scrubbers are nowadays used by almost all industries to remove these harmful gasses. Odour Scrubbers work by spraying on harmful gasses. These Odour Scrubbers contain neutralizing chemicals which destroy harmful gases.

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Now these odour Scrubbers are used mainly to help make the environment sustainable. It is becoming increasingly important in today’s age with the Earth's atmosphere, getting polluted more and more. This article will help you understand how scrubbing works and how we can apply odour scrubbing to have a better atmosphere. Let’s continue to read!

Functioning Of an Odour Scrubber

Firstly, we need to understand that odour scrubbers need to be maintained at 100% concentration at all times because as we use these scrubbers there components start to reduce and odour scrubbers are not very effective if the chemical compound is reduced. If you want to increase or decrease the scrubbing solution's concentration or strength, you can easily do that by monitoring conductivity and pH. 

So if you want to control the strength of the scrubbing solution, you can easily do that by the following the below mentioned methods:

Continuous Scrubbing: - it is important to note that in this process in order to see the effectiveness of the scrubbing you to have always maintain the composition at all times and how it is being controlled

  • Batch Scrubbing: - In this method, a very high concentration of odour scrubbing chemical is made to reach depletion and followed by blowdown.  Later, the whole odour Scrubber solution is replenished by full-strength solution. 

The question of how to neutralize the harmful gases will depend on how we decide to proceed: by controlling the pH or controlling the conductivity. The choice mainly depends on the odour Scrubber solution composition and how the composition changes during the whole operation. 

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Things to Keep in Mind While Controlling the pH of the Solution

If you are looking to control the operation by controlling the pH of the odour Scrubber solution, keep the following things in mind: 

  • It is usually the best option for odour Scrubbers which uses replenishment and continuous blowdown. 
  • If the harmful gases you want to neutralize are acidic, like HCl, the scrubber solution is usually fundamental. Like for example, caustic soda (NaOH) or lime. This helps in maintaining a proper pH balance and helps in neutralizing harmful gases. 
  • It is not advisable to use a strong basic Scrubber solution. The pH glass exposure to a caustic solid solution will result in the electrode getting destroyed. 
  • This method of scrubbing works because pH is connected to the Hydrogen ion concentration. The concentration of both acidic and basic solutions also depends on that; hence the gases can be easily neutralized without any effects from the Scrubber by-products as well. 

When it comes to conductivity control, odour scrubbers are best suited to measure the chemical's solution concentration in batch scrubbers. 


Odour scrubbing is becoming increasingly important for the good of our environment. Every industry must use it so that harmful gases can be neutralized. The odour scrubbing methods also make sure that there is no harmful by-product that can further destroy our environment. Overall, the odour Scrubbers are a must in today's world. Hence this article should help in understanding what scrubbers are and how they can be beneficial.

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