Benefits of Getting Managed Wireless Networking Solutions for your Business

Superior next-generation firewalls and end-to-end encryption technologies, and the help of an effective Unified Communication System, it's never been easier to implement a work-from-anywhere policy than it is today.

Benefits of Getting Managed Wireless Networking Solutions for your Business

The growth of wireless networking has been phenomenal in the past decade. Less than 15 years ago, this was a technology that was unheard of. Most small and medium-sized businesses relied on computers connected to a DSL modem to conduct any tasks that might need the use of the internet.

Cable networks also hindered the mobility of employees, making them sit at dedicated computers in the office to be able to use the internet. But with more and more of our work getting transferred online, the need for a high-speed, low-maintenance internet connection has become necessary. Employees need to be able to collaborate in real-time, share files and documents with colleagues and clients and interact with customers for your business to run smoothly.

In wake of all of this, there’s never been a more dire need to get managed wireless networking solutions for your business than today. Here are just a few of the benefits WiFi solutions can provide:

Operate at peak productivity

There’s probably nothing worse for productivity than a slow internet connection. The first order of business for any managed WiFi solutions provider will be to develop a plan for your business that uses high-speed internet, prevents downtimes and glitches in modems, and disruptions to the network. This will ensure that your employees can keep operating at maximum productivity throughout their workday and customers get what they need without any delays.

Faster solutions

Even if a fault does occur in your wireless network, a specialist will be able to get to the bottom of it much faster than an IT specialist. This is because the expertise of an IT specialist lies in managing hardware and software, but wireless networking solutions require special, different training and certifications.

A WiFi issue that might take your in-house IT specialists hours to figure out and solve could be solved in a matter of minutes with the help of a managed WiFi provider who specialises in wireless networking. This could mean preventing hours of downtime and lost revenue.


High-grade, commercial WiFi equipment is expensive. When you invest your business’s hard-earned money into something costly to increase efficiency, you wouldn’t want to risk damaging it or not making the most use out of it. It’s best to let the professionals handle it. Dedicated WiFi solutions providers work day in and day out with the best WiFi equipment in the industry and know exactly what a system needs to operate at its highest efficiency. Getting the help of a third-party managed WiFi provider, you can minimise repair, management and replacement costs and get the most out of your WiFi network for much longer.

Reduce connectivity issues

You should be able to focus on your clients and customers and managing your business, not worrying about low internet speeds, downtimes and lost productivity. That’s the job of your managed WiFi solutions provider. You should also be able to customise your WiFi experience based on your needs, inluding content filtering, bandwidth throttling, splash pages for customers and employees and even upgrading when the needs of your business chance.

Improved security

With a number of employees and guests connecting to your wireless network on a daily basis, you need to be sure that your network’s security is ironclad and there is little to no risk of malware making its way through. Many SMBs become victims of cyberattacks due to insecure WiFi networks which can be hacked, putting confidential data, brand reputation and lots and lots of money at stake. A managed wireless network solution ensures your business is thoroughly protected from any outside threats through advanced security measures and real-time monitoring of all the data that passes through your network.

Enhanced user experience

When your employees are not constantly struggling to upload a single file to the cloud due to low Internet speeds, they are likely to be less frustrated and more productive. No one should have to wait an hour just to be able to connect to a network! The solution is not just to buy more WiFi modems and place them near each desk, as employees today prefer to be able to move around with their laptop when working, whether to attend meetings, work from a quiet room or just to get a little exercise between the workday. It’s no longer required—or advisable—for them to be tethered to their desks all day long. Managed WiFI professionals ensure your employees get access to high-speed internet no matter where they are in the office.

Established relationships with major vendors

The best MSPs will have long-standing relationships with major vendors, such as VMware, Dell EMC and Microsoft among others. Because of their good working relationships with these retailers, you may be able to get the latest hardware and software tools to support your wireless network at less than the full retail price. This includes next-generation firewalls to increase data packet security, antivirus and antimalware software as well as access to high-quality VPNs and end-to-end encryption services, all of which work towards improving the security of your wireless network.

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