Fumigation: Everything You Need To Know About Flea Elimination At Your Home

Fleas come to your home through the pets and cause much more issues by making your home unhygienic.

Fumigation: Everything You Need To Know About Flea Elimination At Your Home

Fleas are a common problem in every home. Especially if you have pests in your home like a dog or cat then you might face fleas infestation everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Fleas come to your home through the pets and cause much more issues by making your home unhygienic. And this is when you cannot waste any more time thinking about infestations. But rather you need to find out information about fumigation and how to eliminate fleas from your home. However, if you are unable to find the right DIY and benefits of fumigation, we are here to provide such information via our blog.

Fumigation And Its Benefits For Flea Control At Home

Check how to eliminate fleas from your home using the best method Fumigation below.

  • DIY Flea Fumigation Idea

You will be surprised to know about the flea fumigation ‘bombs’. This can kill all the fleas in your home. Hence, it has some health risks. So, it is advisable to vacate the home and shift your family, kids, and pet to a safer place before detonating the bomb.

  • Follow the product instructions strictly for your safeguard.
  • Allow the house to be well-ventilated after the fumigation.
  • Give at least four hours of break to come and stay with family and pets at the place. Once the smell has subsided, go and sprinkle flea carpet powder on all the rugs of your home.
  • After some time thoroughly vacuum the house and put the vacuum dust outside. The remaining fleas will die by next week.
  • Effective & Instant Technique

Fumigation in the case of flea control works effectively and is an instant technique for killing fleas at once; along with the removal of flea infestations. Speaking about the effectiveness of fumigation for fleas, it makes fleas disappear overnight in no time. Fumigation is one of the quickest ways to make your property flea-free, you can get back to your place in no time for reuse. This is also a technique that gives you or the flea controllers access to places that are hard to reach. Therefore, you can conclude that you get no other effective and instant techniques like fumigation for flea elimination. 

  • The Safest Method

You can purchase non-toxic solutions from the market or professionals that do fumigation to go for chemical-free treatments. Thus, this reduces the chances of you being under constant threat of serious health hazards relating to respiratory ailments. As these methods are approved to be safe, you can quickly get back to using your kitchens and pantries. Moreover, it is the most reliable way of getting rid of fleas at your place including harmful pests like rodents, arachnids and other pests. Most importantly, if you are a family with both kids and pets, then you can blindly go with the flea fumigation method. 

  • Cost-Effective Approach

When it comes to aspects of flea fumigation cost, you will be surprised to know it's just between $1 and $6 per square metre for treatment. So, it completely depends upon the property size and number of rooms when you are getting your property fumigated. There are variations in charges taken for fumigation a property for flea elimination like below: 

  • High-end cost: Between $5 and $6 per square foot 
  • Average cost: Between $3 and $4 per square foot
  • Low-end cost: Between $1 and $2 per square foot

Thus, with any of the fumigation services you avail, you are in to avail of a cost-effective treatment.

  • Saves Your Time

As spoken earlier it is an instant technique, it hardly takes between 15 and 20 minutes for an expert to fumigate your whole place. Because it is a set guideline by the Australian government that no fumigants should be released for more than 30 minutes. However, if an expert feels that fumigation is exceeding this time, then more professionals take part in fumigating your place. There are also other factors like the following that an expert considers which instead saves your time: 

  • Calculating the dosage of fumigant to use
  • Provision for ventilation and 
  • Final check-up for sources of flea infestations, warning signs, etc.
  • Kills Other Pests Too

Fumigation doesn't kill fleas alone but also puts other pests under control and also eliminates them on a large scale. Fumigation is an accurate way of killing pests such as termites, wood borers, cockroaches,  etc, including their infestations. Because fumigation modifies the atmosphere these pests live, making their habitats harmful to live for a longer period. Several other pests that get threatened because of fumigation are carpet beetles, bed bugs, cloth moths, rodents and many more. 

  • Different Fumigations Are Available 

There are 3 different types of fumigation for flea control at home and all of those are popular for their specialities as mentioned here.

  1. Gas fumigation- The most popular method you can count if it's a fumigation is gas fumigation as you can do this yourself too. It eliminates fleas from everywhere, like pets, cracks, crevices, ceilings, dark places and carpets. In addition to this, gas fumigation kills even eggs as equally as adults. 
  2. Liquid fumigation- As the name suggests, it can be used as a spray if one wants to use this liquid fumigation method. Generally, they can be used only indoors as liquid dissipates if sprayed outdoors. When liquid fumigation is done, they give no chance for fleas to survive. 
  3. Solid fumigation- It is in 3 forms and you can see them in either tablets, pellets or powder form. You can purchase solid fumigation facilities from the markets that provide them.


An affordable way of fumigation: eliminate fleas from your home to implement a DIY at your property and await the results. There are more benefits if you avail of total care flea control from experts that are accredited and recognised locally. If you have a cat and need emergency cat flea treatment, you are in for the most effective and beneficial services you can look for. As such, you can avail of any of the emergency pest control services by calling their customer any hour of the day, as professionals take 24/7 bookings. You also get free access to a quote. Avail it today!

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