How to take care of your split system air conditioner?

In this age, where climate changes are quite frequent, air conditioners are no longer a luxury. They have become a crucial part of our daily lives and are a necessity. Thus, people are looking for the best available options when it comes to an air conditioner. It has no longer been limited to cooling of the space but comes with other advantages. 

Split systems have been a popular choice for most home and business owners to keep themselves comfortable indoors. They have taken over the market for their cost-effectiveness and longevity. 

With the scorching heat in Summer, split systems seem like a big respite. But, you will want these machines to run smoothly and not slog. You would also want them to offer quality air without frequent breakdowns. For this, maintenance of your split air conditioner must become your primary concern. For this, you must take up split system air conditioner service Melbourne quite seriously. Expert technicians will help you keep your system in the best of its condition. 

Here we list out some of the few things to make your system function better.

  • Clean your filters

The system's filters are the most critical part of any air conditioner. They keep the dust and microbes away, and thus, tend to get dirty very quickly. To keep the system in good shape, change the filters every two to three months to prevent it from clogging. Remember, it's with clean filters that you get clean air. Moreover, the dirtier your filters, the costlier shall be the system's maintenance and repairs.

  • Clear Air Conditioner Coils

The split system's evaporator and condenser coils get dirty over time. A clean filter helps in preventing the evaporator coil from soiling quickly. However, with time, the evaporator coil will collect dirt and reduce the airflow. This will, in turn, insulate the coil, reducing its overall ability to absorb heat. To avoid this, you must check your evaporator coil regularly and clean it as and when necessary.

Outdoor condenser coils of the system also tend to become very dirty. It is relatively easy to notice the dirt over the condenser coil, collecting on its fins. It will help if you minimize the dirt and debris near the condenser unit. Keeping your coils clean would improve the overall quality of air. 

  • Clean the Compressor 

The compressor of your system utilizes low pressure and volume gas and converts it into high pressure and volume gas. This enhances the machine's capabilities. Besides this, it keeps the evaporator free from vapour accumulation. For smooth functioning, it is essential to keep the compressor clean. 

If you aren't confident about cleaning your compressor, take help of the split system air conditioner installation Melbourne team. They will help in your split system maintenance effectively.

  • Maintain System's Unit Fan

Often, unit fans break down because of overtime dirt accumulation or loose blades. To get rid of the dirty, noisy blades, you must thoroughly clean the fan. It would also help if you tighten loose blades and clean them with a mild detergent. Also, it would help if you took care of drying it thoroughly before you choose to close the unit and switch on the power supply.

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