The Most Unusual Ways Shipping Containers Have Been Used

The Most Unusual Ways Shipping Containers Have Been Used

Shipping containers are designed to transport goods mainly overseas but are also used for overland transport once they arrive in their port of destination. Once they have been emptied, shipping containers are used for many other uses, and since they are constructed from durable materials so that they are durable enough to withstand the rough and choppy seas, they are suitable for repurposing in a wide range of ways. Here are some of the more unusual uses that they have been used for to date:

Student Housing / Dormitories

Many countries have an issue with keeping their own residents adequately housed, so campuses of many different schools have addressed this shortage on behalf of their student population by modifying shipping containers to add in furniture, doors and windows, making them habitable by the student population. These containers can then be stacked to maximize the space available and affixed on a permanent basis with solid foundations of poured concrete.

A Barn for Livestock

Barns are needed when someone keeps livestock and when the building is not constructed of wood, it is instantly safer for animals. These containers can be modified and attached to one another to create larger spaces depending on the need. When these barn structures are modified correctly and painted, they can withstand fire and nasty weather including hail and hurricane force gale winds.

A Child’s Playhouse

One can take a shipping container and modify it into a playhouse with some bright pain and doors and windows. The container can then be filled with seating and entertainment options including video consoles or whatever kids need to keep them entertained while they are playing.

Swimming Pool

The inground swimming pool is out of reach for many people because of the cost of installation. Using a shipping container and lining it with tile and concrete can create a large and usable pool.  Containers can be easily modified through joining them and then plumbed to ensure that the plumbing fits the same as it would a conventional swimming pool.

Food Truck

Modified shipping containers make excellent food kiosks. For most restaurant options, the forty-foot shipping container is the most viable option. This size of container offers all of the space that is needed to ensure that there is room for a kitchen and also space for customers to sit down and enjoy their meal. These large containers can also be used to provide space for pop-up shops and both these small shops and restaurants can be hauled to different locations.

Extra Classrooms

In some areas of the world where schools are needed but are far too expensive to build, the shipping container provides a great option for communities and offers protection against the elements which is far superior to that of traditional builds. Walls can be altered to create windows to allow natural light to get into the container. A blackboard can be mounted on one end and then a large number of desks can be moved into the space, creating a readymade classroom.

Extra Seating

Whether seating is needed for concerts or sporting events or some other large gathering, portable stands are the way to accomplish that and the entire system can be easily moved from place to place as and where it is needed.

Footbridge Construction

Shipping containers are totallydurable, and this makes them extremely useful when it comes to footbridge construction. There is a shipping container footbridge that was constructed in Israel that is 525 feet long and was constructed with containers that were slightly modified.

Playground Sections

Shipping containers can be easily modified to include padding and stairwells, pipes, slides, tubes and other accessories. The alteration of containers to accomplish the complete construction of playgrounds results in something unique each time it is undertaken.

Portable Decks

Shipping Containers have been used as stages for performances and entertainment platforms. When decks are portable, they can be used in so many different areas and for a wide range of purposes.


Shipping containers can be reinforced or have structures added that strengthen them including concrete and supports to form bridges that can hold vehicles as they pass over narrow waterways.

Mobile Clinics

Health clinics are not available in every area of the world and having a container that is modified and fitted with all of the healthcare equipment that is needed to help a wide range of patients. These sites can be moved easily between areas and set up to meet demand.

Tiny Homes

When these containers are modified correctly, they can be transformed into homes that are completely luxurious.  Whether you are looking for a tiny home or a larger more open concept, shipping containers can be modified to provide the answer to your dreams in full.

Emergency Shelters

Shipping containers can be transformed into shelters during times of extreme emergency. The walls can be reinforced to stand up to weather and the interior can be updated to provide warmth and a place to sleep and store and prepare food.

Growing Containers

A shipping container makes an excellent greenhouse if the top is removed and replaced with glass, plexiglass or polythene which transforms them into a greenhouse or a nursery for starter plants.

Home Office/Site Office

In the city, space is at a premium and offices are always needed, but there isn’t always a place to build them. Shipping containers can be placed atop one another and moved together in a compact manner which provides a much less cramped space.

Car Park

If you want to have a place to store your car but can’t afford to build a car park, you can use a shipping container. There isn’t much modification necessary and it can be locked up to keep your car secure.

There is an endless list of ways that shipping containers can be used and repurposed. They are durable and last long because of their solid construction. All you need are some great ideas and someone who can help you with the fabrication side of altering these containers.

Here is an excellent infographic by Tiger Containers:


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