Clogged Toilets | How To Repair Them?

Clogged Toilets | How To Repair Them?

Clogged toilets are the most common problem faced nowadays. Clog will block water and water will not come out during flushing. The non-biodegradable substances like sanitary pads, wipes, and paper towels when stuck into your toilet result in a clogged toilet.

So it’s better to avoid flushing this type of material. You can clear the clog with household material but sometimes in the modern toilets due to their design you are unable to overcome this problem so need professional plumbing help.

Things to keep Away From Toilets to Avoid Clog:

: Paper Towels

: Hairs

: Chewing gum

: Plastic things

: Cotton 

: Wipes

Methods to Repair the Clogged Toilets:

Use Wet and Dry Vacuum:

Use the wet and dry vacuum for plunging and snaking. Avoid using the ordinary vacuum because the wet and dry vacuum can cope with water. By using the vacuum empty the water bowl. Place the end of the vacuum into the drain. Seal the drain by using the old towel. Then turn on the vacuum and to create a good seal use one hand to put the pressure on the towels. Wait for some time because there are high chances that the vacuum can suck out the clog.

Use Plunger: 

Toilet plunger is the best tool used in the toilet to clear the clog. Always use the toilet plungers which have an extension flange rubber bell-shaped end. Keep the water in the bowl to cover the plunger. Use the plunge in a gentle way because if you press this hard then air will come back and blow the water over you and into the bathroom. Plug 15-20 times and force the water in both directions and this will take out most clogs. If you want to reduce splashing then use a good seized plunger. But if the clog is harder to remove then use a toilet snake or call plumbing services.  

Use soap and hot water:

Remove water from the toilet bowl by using a vacuum, small container or a cup so that you can add a gallon of liquid. By adding some soap, or shampoo you can lubricate the toilet bowl. Too hot water will crack your toilet bowl so don’t boil the water too much just keep water at the normal temperature. Let the water into the bowl for 20 minutes. After that flush the water, if water is flushed out normally then you can clear the clog but f the water starts to overflow then turn off the water valve and start the plumbing process again.

Use Plumbing Snake:

A plumbing snake is also known as a flexible cleaning tool. This is the best solution to clear the toilet clog without damaging the toilet bowl. After that put the snake into the drain until an obstruction came. Break the obstruction into small pieces, it will take a few minutes and later check by flushing the toilet as to whether it drains quickly or not. Use the snake in the opposite direction. If you feel that obstruction is hard and you are unable to push further then contact a Toilet Repairs Plumber.

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