Best Australian Coffee Shops in New York City

Looking for some of the best Australian coffee shops in New York City? Look no further! Just keep on reading.

Best Australian Coffee Shops in New York City

Hey there, coffee lovers! Have you had your first cup of coffee yet? If you haven't, go ahead and make it - it will be perfect for when reading this coffee-related article. Namely, today we'll talk about some of the best coffee shops in New York City! You may think that this is odd as all coffee shops resemble one another. However, you're mistaken. There is something different about Aussie cafes - their habit of serving top-notch coffee with food. Trust us - you won't be able to find an Australian coffee shop that doesn't serve food. Of course, this is not the food that you would typically order in a restaurant or fast food shop. The food they serve is usually bite-sized and breakfast-oriented. Aussies love their breakfast, and they love eating it with espresso - it is part of their culture. So, if this is something you enjoy too, you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find some of the best Australian coffee shops in New York City.

Citizens of Chelsea

First on our list of best Australian coffee shops in New York City is Citizens of Chelsea. It is located on Ninth Avenue, and it is perfect for those who just moved from Australia to NYC as it has that Aussie vibe. However, Aussies are not the only ones who enjoy it - New Yorkers who love taking those Instagram-perfect photos are also common here.

The coffee shop is beautifully decorated with plants, books, comfortable chairs, and sofas. There are also lazy bags for people who like drinking their coffee while lying down. And, when it comes to food and drinks, you will not be disappointed either. If you do manage to make reservations for a weekend brunch here, be sure to try their Australian coffee, mimosa, and one of many toasts they have on their menu. However, if you don't find a seat, do not worry. Grab a coffee-to-go, or order it to your office, for instance.

Little Collins

This Australian coffee shop in New York City was named after a famous Melbourne street. It's located on Lexington Avenue. As its name suggests, Little Collins is rather tiny. Finding a seat here might be a mission impossible, especially during the weekend. But, if you play your cards right, that is, if you make reservations on time, Little Collins will have a place for you. So, you know what to do - as soon as you move to NYC, that is, as soon as moving pros from Eagle Van Lines relocate you, reserve your spot. Trust us, a cup of coffee from Little Collins will make that unpacking a lot easier.

And, once you do come here, friendly waiters will serve you the most delicious coffee and the cafe's specialty - avocado toast. It is a known fact that all Aussies love avocado toast - after all, it was invented there. However, if you do not like avocado toast, no worries, you can also opt for a salad, sweet and sour pastries, sandwiches, etc.

Bluestone Lane

All New Yorkers love this coffee shop. In the beginning, there was only one Bluestone Lane. But, last year, this small coffee shop expanded into a mini-chain thanks to a local firm that wanted to invest in Aussie businesses in YNC. And, now, you can enjoy Bluestone Lane specialties in six different locations.

Here, you can find everything related to the Australian trend mentioned above - breakfast and espresso. The menu is full of Australian food terminologies such as brekkie, smashed avocado toast, flat whites, ricotta hotcakes, etc. Basically, if you had it in Australia, you can also eat it here! So, in case you are feeling a bit homesick, give this coffee shop a visit.

Ruby's Cafe

Speaking of breakfast, if you want to eat it for your lunch and dinner too, Ruby's Cafe is the place for you. Yes, this Australian coffee shop serves famous Aussie breakfasts all day long. You can get sandwiches, pastries, grain bowls, etc., whenever you want. Of course, you can also order your favorite cup of coffee to go with that breakfast.

However, this coffee shop is different from all other best Australian coffee shops in New York City because Ruby's Cafe is also a gathering place for all those who like burgers. That is, for those who enjoy eating burgers while being in a large group. This coffee shop has a large open space with a grill. So, it is perfect for newcomer Aussies who want to make friends here in New York.

Banter NYC – representing for best Australian coffee shops in New York City for families

One of the last but certainly not the least Australian coffee shops in New York City that you should visit is Banter NYC. You can find it in West Village. And, once you do, do not hesitate to bring your kids along. Yes, you heard us - even though most coffee shops in NYC are oriented towards the adults, Banter NYC is family-friendly. This is because of the tasty, family-sized Australian food. You can find things like bacon-and-egg affairs, vegetable-heavy bowls, etc. These comfort foods will, at least, ease the process of living in New York with kids.

Another thing that makes this cafe excellent for families and children of all ages is that it has some of the friendliest waiters. So, do not worry about your child being too loud or spilling something. Nobody will say a word! Moreover, there is a variety of smoothies and freshly squeezed juices for your little ones to enjoy while you sip that tasty coffee you came for.

Final thoughts

We hope our list of the best Australian coffee shops in New York City got you inspired to go for a walk and grab a quality cup of joe. Make sure to try that famous coffee&breakfast combo. Let us know what you think!

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